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GermGuardian AC5000E Review

GermGuardian AC5000E Air Purifier Review

The GermGuardian AC5000E air purifier uses three filters to address different types of pollutants in the air.

It has a true HEPA filter that removes airborne particles such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen.It captures 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

Through its activated carbon filter, it eliminates odors from pets, cooking and smoking.

It also has a UV-C light sanitizer that kills airborne germs and bacteria.

The air purifier is ideal for small and medium rooms of up to 180 square feet in size.

Read on for my full review.

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  • Pocket riendly
  • Compact and highly portable
  • True HEPA filter – efficient filtration capturing 99.97 percent of allergens. Great for allergy sufferers.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Filter and bulb replacement indicator.
  • 3 fan speeds.
  • Beautiful design that blends well into the room.
  • Quiet operation


  • Filter unit produces plastic smell though it goes away after 1-2 weeks.
  • Bright UV-C light that may be annoying especially at night.

Best features

GermGuardian AC5000E review

3- in- 1 filtration technology

Once air goes into the air purifier, it passes through three filtration stages before it is released back into the room.

1. Pre filter

This is the filter that first receives the dirty air from the room. It captures pollutants like pet hair and large particles of dust.

It not only improves filtration performance, it also keeps the carbon and HEPA filter from clogging up too quickly.

2. Activated carbon filter

This filter eliminates odors from pets, cooking and smoking.

3. True HEPA filter

This is the most efficient of the three filters. It traps tiny allergens as small as 0.3 microns. These include pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and pollen.

UV-C light

UV-C light is a highly effective sanitizer. It neutralizes disease-causing micro organisms such as viruses and bacteria by destroying their DNA, which either kills the bacteria or prevents them from reproducing.

 The UV-C light adds an extra level of protection for your family. But if you don’t want it (or if you find the light annoying), you can turn it off separately from the other controls.

Ideal for Small and Medium Size Rooms

The AC5000E air purifier performs four air exchanges per hour in a 180 square foot space. That’s pretty good performance especially for a compact unit like this one.

It ensures pollutants and allergens have no opportunity to accumulate in the air.

Filter replacement indicator

The AC5000E has a convenient filter and UV-C light bulb replacement indicator. Generally, the filter lasts about 6-8 months.

 But it can last for less time if you live in highly polluted areaor if there are wildfires in your area.

Quiet operation

This is one of the quietest air purifiers. Even at the highest fan speed, it sounds more like background white noise.

So you don’t necessarily need to turn it all the way down when you sleep.

But if you prefer a quiet bedroom, the lowest fan speed setting is perfect. It’s almost impossible to hear.

Ozone free

Some UV-C light air purifiers produce ozone along with the UV light. Above a certain level, ozone is harmful for your health.

But only UV-C lights with wavelengths below 200 nm produce ozone. This one runs at 253.7 nm making it ozone-free. It’s perfectly safe for your family.


GermGuardian AC5000E review

New units exude a plastic smell, which is somewhat ironic since the air purifier is supposed to remove bad smells.

The problem is the filter unit. But the smell is not dangerous and will go away after a week or two.

Another issue is the UV-C light.

For people who prefer sleeping in complete darkness, the light is too bright. If you don’t want to turn off the UV filter, you could cover the light with something.


Dimensions: 10.2 x 7 x 28 inches

Weight: 9.55 pounds

Coverage: 180 square feet

Warranty: 5 years

Filter life: 6-8 months

Filter replacement indicator: yes


GermGuardian AC5000E review

Whether you are trying to deal with pet-caused allergies, bad odors at home or you just want cleaner air for your family, the GermGuardian AC5000E is a great choice and an affordable one as well.

Using a 3-stage filtration process, it can tackle just about any air pollutant and allergen.The UV-C light filter provides extra protection against bacteria and germs.

I highly recommend it for living rooms, baby nurseries, bedrooms and home offices.You can also carry it with you to any room.It doesn’t weigh much and you can place it on the floor, on a table or even on your bedside table.

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