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Koolatron 29

Koolatron 29 qt. Voyager Cooler Review

BEST 12V ELECTRIC COOLER FOR A TRUCK OR BOATThe Koolatron Voyager 29 quart 12V cooler is our top pick for campers, truckers, boat owners and anyone else looking for a portable cooler that doesn’t

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12 volt car cooler

Wagan EL6214 12V Personal Cooler and Warmer Review

BEST 12V COOLER FOR THE CARThe Wagan EL6214 is a compact personal cooler that is perfect for road trips, camping and use in RVs and boats.You can also use it at home to keep medicine, breast milk or cosmetics

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Cooluli Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer Review

BEST 12V MINI-FRIDGEIf you travel solo a lot, the Cooluli mini cooler is perfect for your needs.It looks like a miniature fridge complete with a divider shelf to maximize the little available space. It

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wagan cooler

Wagan 12V 24 Litre Cooler and Warmer Review

BEST BUDGET ELECTRIC COOLER/WARMERThe Wagan EL6224 is a 24-liter thermoelectric cooler that can also warm whatever you put into it.It’s big enough to hold 27 cans or four 2 Liter bottles yet compact

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Koolatron Cooler

Koolatron P-20 Thermo-Electric 18 Quart Compact Cooler/Warmer Review

BEST 12V Cooler For The CarThe Koolatron P-20’s ultra-compact design is perfect for small cars.It has a unique narrow and tall shape that fits perfectly behind the passenger or driver’s seat.

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arb 50qt fridge

ARB 50 Quart Fridge Freezer Review

BEST PORTABLE ELECTRIC FREEZERIf you are looking for a portable fridge or freezer for camping, road trips, your RV or boat we recommend the ARB 50-quart fridge freezer.It’s just as powerful as the

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whynter fm-45g

Whynter FM-45G 45-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer Review

BEST 12V FREEZER FOR A BOAT OR RVIf you are looking for a high-capacity portable fridge and freezer, we recommend the Whynter FM-45G.It is a 45-quart fridge/freezer that provides plenty of space for your

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Best Outdoor Patio Coolers

10 Best Outdoor Patio Coolers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for a patio cooler?You've come to the right place. When you are shopping for a patio cooler, you'll be drawn to the many styles and designs patio coolers come in, ranging from modern stainless

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things to clean water cooler

How to Clean Your Water Cooler: Don’t Forget To Do These 2 Things!

​You wouldn't imagine that something as apparently harmless as a water dispenser could get dirty... but it could. In reality, a water dispenser has to be cleaned and even sanitized regularly. (After

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Igloo Iceless

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler Review: Perfect for Road Trips

Tired of soggy sandwiches and meltwater warming your drinks?Then buy a personal thermoelectric cooler.Thermoelectric coolers are lighter, drier, more efficient and easier to use than traditional ice-fill

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Dometic Cooler

Dometic CF-018DC Portable Freezer/Refrigerator: My In-Depth Review

If you take road trips, boat or camp by yourself, then you probably take a traditional ice cooler along with your.Ice coolers are simple, but they are tedious to use and require constant refills of ice.

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Coleman PowerChill 12V

Coleman PowerChill 12V Thermoelectric Cooler Review

For families that like to spend time on the road or outdoors, a large portable cooler is a must. But which type of cooler is the best for a camping family?A traditional Igloo-style ice cooler is going

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