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Best Mattress Cooling Pads

12 Best Bed Cooling Systems For 2023 – Mattress Cooling Pads, Toppers, and Comforters

Do you want to sleep cooler at night - without turning down the AC?

Then you are in the right place.

Science tells us that in order to get a good night's sleep, cooler is definitely better - but you'll need your bed to be a lot cooler than you might think. 

The perfect sleep temperature for most people to get a good, deep night's sleep is between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you experience night sweats or hot flashes during sleep or your mattress reflects too much heat, then your sleep quality will definitely suffer.

This is because your body's cooling process requires your brain to focus, which prevents you from having a restful and deep enough (REM) sleep during the night.

Cooling pads, mattress toppers, and forced-air comforters are all solutions that can help you sleep cooler in a warm room without having to adjust your thermostat. But navigating this crowded and over-hyped market can be hard.

That is why we spent over 40 hours examining the bed-cooling market and selecting what we consider are the best cooling mattress pads, toppers and comforters you can purchase on the internet -- and reviewed them for you, below.

Read on to learn about the best bed cooling solution for your budget and unique requirements.

What's In This Guide

This buying guide contains reviews on the best cooling mattress comforters, mattress pads and toppers selling today.

In them we provide enough detail to help you make the best purchase decision according to your budget and requirement.

After the reviews, we discuss the features and options to think about when deciding which cooling solution is appropriate for your bedroom.

We finish by answering the questions that are asked most frequently about this emerging and exciting climate control space.

The products mentioned in this post are all highly-rated by verified consumers on Amazon and other major retail sites. 

So let's begin!

What Is a Bed Cooling System?

A bed cooling system is anything that makes your bed cooler for better sleep. It can be as simple as a cooling topper or as advanced as a smart air-cooled system. 

Here are the different types of bed cooling systems. 

Passive Cooling Systems

Most passive cooling systems work by improving air circulation and heat dissipation from the mattress. A good example is a cooling topper or pad. 

A latex mattress topper or bamboo mattress pad reduces how much heat your mattress traps and allows body heat and sweat to escape. 

Other passive cooling systems work by absorbing excess body heat. A good example is a gel memory foam topper. Toppers with phase change materials (PCM) also work this way.

The biggest advantage of passive cooling systems is that they are affordable. You can get a cooling mattress pad for cheap. 

On the downside, passive cooling systems don't work well for everyone or in every situation.

If you are a hot sleeper or experience night sweats, a cooling topper may not be enough for a good night's sleep. It may also feel inadequate on those extra-hot summer nights or if you live in a hot climate.

But if you are a mildly hot sleeper and just want a little bit extra cooling, then a passive cooling system should work fine.

We recommend a gel memory foam topper if you also want to make your mattress plusher, a latex topper for extra cooling with a boost in support, or a cooling mattress pad (made from bamboo, wool, cotton and other breathable materials) if you want to sleep cooler without changing the firmness of your mattress. 

Active Cooling Systems

An active cooling system doesn't just help your bed get cooler, it actively brings down temperatures. It's like an AC for your bed. 

The most basic active cooling systems are bed fans. The fan circulates cool air under the sheets, helping keep you cool and sweat-free. But like a desk or floor fan, a bed fan can only do so much.

For serious cooling power, you'll need a water-cooled system or an air-cooled system.

An air-cooled system blows cool air into your bed. You can select the precise temperature you want the air to be. 

A water-cooled system circulates cooled water through tubes embedded in a mattress pad. The chilled water absorbs heat.   

Air and water cooled systems are excellent for extra-hot sleepers, people in hot climates and anyone with night sweats. 

Some of these systems can also warm your bed, making them also ideal for year-round use and colder climates.  

Note that active cooling systems offer a split option where you can cool just one side of the bed or set different temperatures for each side. This is great for couples with varying sleep preferences. 

Advanced Cooling Systems

Advanced bed cooling systems are active systems with added features such as smart home connectivity, silent temperature alarms, single & dual-zone options, and dual cooling and warming. 

Below is a quick comparison between the two most popular advanced cooling systems: BedJet and ChiliPad

Advanced Bed Cooling Systems: BedJet Vs ChiliPad

The main difference between BedJet V3 and ChiliPAD is how they work.

BedJet uses air to cool or warm you, while the ChiliPad uses water.

BedJet's air cooling works faster and is especially great for drying away sweat. If your biggest problem is night sweats, get BedJet. 

ChiliPAD's water cooling is more energy efficient and provides more precise cooling or warming regardless of ambient temperature.

In fact, ChiliPAD has a wider temperature range than BedJet V3. 

Here's a quick rundown of their similarities and differences. 




App control

No app control

Color screen wireless remote control

wireless remote control

Temperature range: 66°F to 104°F

Temperature range: 55°F to 115°F

Single & dual-zone options

Single & dual-zone options

Cooling and warming

Cooling and warming

Silent temperature alarm

No silent alarm

2 yr warranty

2 yr warranty

Who Needs a Bed Cooling System?

As every person has different requirements, not everyone wants a cooling solution for their mattress.

A mattress topper is perhaps a good option for you if you deal with any of these conditions:

  • You sleep on a ‘hot' mattress that traps heat and moisture. Many memory foam mattresses have this problem.  
  • You sweat or sleep hot at night
  • You get hot flashes during the night. 
  • You and your spouse have different sleeping temperature preferences. (some cooling products let you control the temperature of each side of the mattress separately, which solves this issue once and for all)
  • You live in a warm climate and don't want to turn your thermostat down to 65 degrees every night (you'll save money with these products).

Best Mattress Cooling Pads, Mattress Toppers and Cooling Comforters

  1. 1
    Best Climate Control System For Your BedBedJet
  2. 2
    Best for  Personalized Sleep Climate: OOLER® Sleep System with Chilipad
  3. 3
    Best-Priced Cooling Mattress Pad: Mattress Cooler Classic
  4. 4
    Best for Night Sweats: Mattress Cooler Classic
  5. 5
    Best For Heat Flashes: ANNI STAR 2021 Mattress Cooling Pad
  6. 6
    Best-Cooling Travel Blanket: Cocoon CoolMax
  7. 7
    Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter: Equinox All-Season
  8. 8
    Best Budget Bamboo Cooling Pad: Zen Bamboo Fitted Mattress Pad
  9. 9
    Best for Queen Size Beds: Utopia Bedding Fitted Mattress Pad
  10. 10
    Best-Cooling Mattress Pad: SlumberCloud Nacreous Mattress Pad
  11. 11
    Best Cooled Weighted Blanket: ChiliBLANKET
  12. 12
    Best Bed Cooling Fan: BFan 

Bedjet V3
  • BedJet

  • Best Climate Control System For a Bed
  • Type:

    Forced Air System
  • Warranty:

    2 years
  • Price: $$

sleep cooling system
  • OOLER® Sleep System with Chilipad

  • Best for Personalized Sleep Climate
  • Type:

    Water cooled mattress pad
  • Warranty:

    2 Year Warranty
  • Price: $$$$

Mattress Cooler Classic - Chilled Mattress Topper Water Cooling System
  • Mattress Cooler Classic

  • Best priced cooling mattress pad
  • Type:

    Water-cooled system
  • Warranty:

    Not listed
  • Price: $

bed climate system
  • Mattress Cooler Classic

  • Best for Night Sweats
  • Type:

    Water Cooling System
  • Warranty:

    30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $$

bfan bed cooling system
  • ANNI STAR 2021 Mattress Cooling Pad

  • Best For Heat Flashes
  • Type:

    Chilled Mattress Topper
  • Warranty:

    3-month free return warranty
  • Price: $$

Cocoon CoolMax
  • Cocoon CoolMax

  • Best Cooling Travel Blanket
  • Type:

  • Warranty:

    Limited Warranty
  • Price: $

  • Equinox All-Season

  • Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter
  • Type:

  • Warranty:

    Limited Warranty
  • Price: $

Zen Bamboo
  • Zen Bamboo

  • Best Budget Bamboo Cooling Pad
  • Type:

    Mattress Pad
  • Warranty:

    Refunds available
  • Price: $

best bed cooling system
  • Utopia Bedding Fitted Mattress Pad

  • Best for Queen Size Beds
  • Type:

    Elastic Fitted Mattress Protector
  • Warranty:

    30-day return policy
  • Price: $$

Slumber Cloud Nacreous
  • Slumber Cloud Nacreous

  • Best-Cooling Mattress Pad
  • Type:

    Mattress Pad
  • Warranty:

    5 years
  • Price: $$

chiliBLANKET – Cooling and Heating Weighted Blanket
  • ChiliBLANKET

  • Best cooled weighted blanket
  • Type:

    Water-cooled system
  • Warranty:

    2 years
  • Price: $$

  • BFan

  • Best bed cooling fan
  • Type:

  • Warranty:

    Not listed
  • Price: $

1. Best Climate Control System For Your Bed: BedJet 

Bedjet Review

The BedJet climate comfort system climate comfort system is one of our favorite picks for anyone who really wants to stay cool at night - especially if you live in a humid, warm climate.

This system uses forced air to heat and cool your mattress from the inside out - and maintain it at the exact temperature you set.

The BedJet is essentially a mattress air conditioning system that works by forcing heated or chilled air beneath covers and sheets.

To adjust temperature, use the provided wireless remote control. You can also change the settings by using the BedJet Smart Remote smartphone app over a Bluetooth connection.

BedJet 3 comes with WiFi, but it's only good for downloading firmware updates. As of this writing, you cannot control BedJet remotely or via a smart assistant using WiFi. 

The BedJet system responds fast when there is a change in settings. It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to cool down the bed or to make it toasty warm.

This unit is also very quiet: you will hardly hear it due to the patented acoustic damping technology.

Additionally, the BedJet includes a lifetime washable filter to ensure no dust or allergens are in the air going into your mattress.

The BedJet is built in such a way that it works with all bed sizes and works with all kinds of beds including adjustable beds.

Bedjet Review

To set it up, place the central air unit under the mattress and install the hose under the top sheet or blanket. 

For couples who differ in sleeping preference, there is a more deluxe edition developed for King Size beds which utilize two BedJet units, placed on each side of the mattress so that both individuals can control the temperature of their side.

For superior temperature control, this unit includes BedJet's dual zone Air Comforter Sheet. You have to plug each side of the ventilation system into the sheet, and cool or warm air is directed to that side through hollow cavities.

If there is a temperature control problem only on one side of your bed, you can purchase a single-zone system Air Comforter sheet. It offers a quicker and more even distribution of air.

The BedJet AirComforter Sheet costs about $359 for the single-zone model and $799 for the 2-zone model.

A really nice additional feature of the BedJet is the incorporated oil diffuser that disperses essential oils to enhance the odor in your area, which can also help you sleep.

One more exciting new feature is the Biorhythm Sleep Technology which lets you program the device to set your bed to different temperatures at various hours during night - to match the demands of your body as you move in and out of REM sleep.

If you tend to get warm at midnight or chilly towards morning just like many people do, then it is possible to program the BedJet to warm you up.

If you’re currently looking for a comforter that can warm your bed and offer a split-temperature configuration for your spouse, the BedJet is a great option.

The BedJet includes a two-month money back guarantee, 2-year warranty, and reliable customer service.

Read our in-depth review of the BedJet V3 Air Cooling/Heating system here.

2. Best for  Personalized Sleep Climate: OOLER® Sleep System with Chilipad

cooling pad for bed

The OOLER sleep system ensures an uninterrupted and deep night’s sleep. It is one of the most luxurious and advanced sleeping systems on the market and makes sure you stay cool and comfortable in your bed. 

It is hydro-powered and offers a thermal range of 55-115°F/13-46°C, so you can stay cool in the warmer months and warm and cozy during the cool winter nights.

electric cooling pad

The Ooler Sleep System comes with a Chilipad hydronic mattress pad and 1 or 2 control units. It allows you to personalize the sleeping climate on both ends of the bed, so you and your partner can select the temperature setting you want for your side of the bed.

This unit allows you to set a sleep schedule through the OOLER app, so it can keep the preferred temperature throughout the night. 

Plus, it has a built-in wake-up functionality that works as an alarm replacement. This feature warms the bed slightly at the set time to trigger your body’s natural response and wake you up. 

The Ooler System offers a manual control option as well.

3. Best-Priced Cooling Mattress Pad: Mattress Cooler Classic

cooling mattress pad

If you are shopping for a budget bed cooling system, we recommend the Mattress Cooler Classic water-cooled system. 

The Mattress Cooler Classic relies on evaporative cooling to help you sleep cooler. It consists of two components: the cooler where water is chilled and a PVC vinyl pad that contains tubing. 

Place the pad directly on your mattress and put a fitted sheet over it to keep it in place. Set the cooler somewhere raised (for easier water flow) and connect it to the pad. Add water to the cooler and turn it on. 

The cooler uses a fan to cool the water. A pump then circulates the water through the tubing in the pad. 

As the chilled water circulates, it absorbs body heat. Despite being a pretty basic cooling system, it does get cold. In fact, it can get too cold when set on high. The manufacturer says it can cool down the bed to 7-12 degrees below room temperature. 

Unlike ChiliPAD and other pricier bed cooling systems, you cannot set a specific temperature. Instead of precise temperature settings, you adjust cooling levels by changing fan speed and pump cycle settings. 

Lowering fan speed reduces cooling, and also makes the cooler quieter (though it’s pretty quiet even when on the highest setting). 

You can set the pump to run on continuously (best for fast cooling) or have it cycle on and off every few minutes (reduces cooling). 

To achieve the lowest cooling setting, turn off the fan and just have the pump running. It’ll circulate water without chilling it. Many customers say this is enough to keep you cool on some nights. 

bed cooling system

Materials and Construction 

This is where you realize why the Mattress Cooler Classic is priced so low. Instead of a soft pad like the one that comes with the ChiliPAD system, you get a vinyl pad. 

Even with a fitted sheet over it, it still feels a bit uncomfortable. 

Some users got around this by placing a thin (1” should do it) mattress pad or topper on top and turning cooling to the highest setting. You’ll still sleep cool. 

Another issue is how the water tubes connect to the pad. There are no clamps or fitting of any kind. Instead, the tubes are held in place simply by friction, which raises concerns about longevity. 

So far, we haven’t seen reports of leaks or the tubes coming free and dumping water all over the mattress.  

Keep in mind, however, that the manufacturer says you should get a replacement pad every 4-6 months to avoid development of weak spots that could leak. 

The pad itself, though not comfy, looks well made and can even withstand a pet jumping on the bed. It measures 27” by 63” and is ideal for one or two people. 

If you are using it for just you, lay it on the bed from head to toe. If you are sharing it with your partner, the manufacturer recommends laying it across the bed such that it covers the area between your neck and waist. 

The cooler unit is small enough to fit on your night stand. And, as we mentioned, it’s very quiet. 

Best Bargain

Overall, the Mattress Cooler Classic is the best deal for an advanced bed cooling system you’ll find. If you are thinking about getting ChiliPAD, but find it pricey, give the Cooler Classic a try. 

4. Best for Night Sweats: Mattress Cooler Classic

bed temperature control system

Get a good night’s sleep without any complicated electric sleeping systems or systems with a difficult assembly process. 

The Mattress Cooler Classic helps you sleep quicker, so you can wake up fresh and ready for the day. This unit is essentially a PVC vinyl mattress cooling pad placed between your mattress and a fitted sheet.

Chilled water circulates through this cooling pad to remove the body heat, keep your bed cool and keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Once the water absorbs your body heat, it goes back in the cooler to cool and is recirculated. 

The Mattress Cooler Classic can effectively lower the room temperature by 7 to 12 degrees. The entire setup takes up about five minutes. 

It is easy to clean and maintain. The water needs to be drained from the system every two weeks, whereas the tubes can be cleaned with a simple water-bleach mixture. This unit uses 1 qt of water a night.

5. Best For Heat Flashes: ANNI STAR 2021 Mattress Cooling Pad

cool sleep system

The ANNI STAR 2021 Mattress Cooling Pad uses water circulation to cool your bed. It is made from 100% organic cotton and equipped with a medical-grade soft silicone tube system inside. 

The high-quality silicone tube construction is safer than PVC as it isn’t as stiff and doesn’t pose the threat of leaking as its counterparts do.  

The cooling pad is equipped with a fan that cools the water and circulates it through the connection tube. It reduces the temperature by 3 to 8 degrees. 

The fan is quiet to make sure you sleep uninterrupted. The Anni Star pad has a surface area increasing membrane that speeds up evaporation. It has a removable rear filter screen that purifies every gust that comes out of the cooler.

6. Best-Cooling Travel Blanket: Cocoon CoolMax

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

If you travel a lot, then you have noticed the Cocoon travel blanket used by fellow travelers. It’s super-popular.

Lots of people also use it for relaxing in the park, for camping and as a blanket on their couch.

Wherever you need a fresh, soft and breathable blanket that is easy to carry around, the Cocoon CoolMax is an excellent choice.

This blanket is great for all situations, cold or warm. It is made from soft thin polyester that keeps you toasty when it is cold and offers breathability and cooling if the temperature is high.

It's relatively large, too, so when traveling, you can drape it.

This blanket is super-light and affordable and doesn't use up much space.

The Cocoon travel blanket comes in 5 colors including chocolate, sea blue, and shadow green.

7. Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter: Equinox All-Season

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

Bamboo bedding is the perfect cooling material for a comforter that keeps you cool at night. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

The problem is, bamboo comforters tend to be costly.

You are in luck if you are currently looking for a more affordable Bamboo cooling comforter, though.

Verified Customers on Amazon say that the Equinox All-Season quilted comforter is lushly soft and airy light.

The synthetic fiberfill material makes it feel like goose down. The microfiber cover increases the comforter's soft feel.

Like bamboo, this Equinox is hypoallergic, so if you suffer from any allergies or have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry. The microfiber does not feel itchy or scratchy.

This comforter is durable, to, and will work for years no matter the weather. When it is hot, the comforters breath ability keeps you cool. And because it is light-weight, you do not feel weighed down or stuffy.

When the weather is cold, the comforter preserves heat and keeps you warm without letting you all sweaty and hot.

The square pattern stitching in this comforter prevents the filling from shifting. Also, corner tabs hold the comforter on the mattress to make sure it does slip off.

Three sizes of the Equinox comforter are available: queen, twin and king.

8. Best Budget Bamboo Cooling Pad: Zen Bamboo Fitted Mattress Pad

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

The Zen bamboo mattress pad is cheap for a bamboo set.

At this price, it is not all bamboo. It contains only 40%. But that is sufficient to make it feel fresh and comfy.

At night, your body heat dissipates through the pad, and sweat is wicked away. So if you have a memory foam mattress that sleeps too hot, this is a right mattress pad to get.

The Zen feels soft and comfy and supports your spine comfortably while offering a little bit more pressure relief to hips and shoulders.

Additionally, it acts as a protector for your mattress.

The material used to build this mattress pad is sturdy and durable, and you can wash it in the washing machine if it contains dirt and stains.

The elastic skirt provided prevents it from getting displaced overnight.

9. Best for Queen Size Beds: Utopia Bedding Fitted Mattress Pad

bed temperature control system

The Utopia bedding fitted mattress pad is made from high-loft polyester fiberfill, which makes it fluffy and soft, so it feels cozy. 

The brushed microfiber top makes it comfortable against your skin. The Utopia mattress pad has a pretty quilted diamond pattern design on it and fits any room, be it the main bedroom or a guest bedroom.

It comes with a smooth grip system that can fit mattresses as deep as 16 inches.

It is equipped with walls between the top and bottom layer, which prevents the polyester filling from clumping and shifting and ensures it is evenly distributed.

This mattress pad was made with a breathable design that traps moisture and promotes a comfortable sleeping experience.  

10. Best-Cooling Mattress Pad: SlumberCloud Nacreous Mattress Pad

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

If you don’t want a forced-air mattress pad, then SlumberCloud Nacreous Mattress Pad is the next-best choice.

It performs close to water- or air-cooled pad without the need to plug it in. Rather than water or air, it utilizes a unique fabric by Outlast.

The Outlast fabric uses PCM, or phase change material, for temperature regulation. When you get hot, the PCM material stores your excess body heat by consuming it.

When you feel cool, the PCM releases the stored heat to make the bed warmer.

This mattress pad supply the perfect customized cooling. This is wonderful if your body temperature change through the night or you and your spouse have different sleeping preferences.

The Outlast fabric creates a perfect temperature for you and your partner often called micro-climate.

Alongside the PCM, cotton is used to enhance cooling and making the pad soft.

This pad is great for allergy sufferers, too. Maintenance is easy, and you can wash it in the machine.

You can get this pad in all sizes from twin to Cal King and in four colors (blue, white, dewdrop and mauve).

11. Best Cooled Weighted Blanket: ChiliBLANKET

cooling pad for bed

Weighted blankets are great for people with insomnia. A weighted blanket helps you calm down and relax enough to fall asleep.  

The problem is that hot sleepers often find them too hot, which makes it harder to sleep. Thankfully, Chili Technology, the makers of the ChiliPAD, has added a water-cooled weighted blanket to their catalogue. 

The ChiliBLANKET combines the cooling of the ChiliPAD with the snug comfort of a weighted blanket. 

ChiliBLANKET works with ChiliPAD and OOLER control units, so if you already have one of these bed cooling systems, you only need to buy the blanket. If you don't, get the blanket and control unit combo.

The control unit chills water and circulates it through tubes in the weighted blanket. You can select a temperature between 55 and 115 degrees, making ChiliBlanket great for both cooling and warming.  

Materials & Construction 

The weighted blanket weighs 20lbs, so it’s ideal for adults weighing between 180 and 200lbs. It’s filled with silent and safe glass beads and covered by a washable fleece duvet cover. 

It’s available in just one size - 81” L x 45”W - that covers only one person. 

Snug but Cool 

The ChiliBLANKET is a great choice for hot sleepers who are concerned that normal weighted blankets are too hot. 

By the way, you can use the ChiliBLANKET on its own without the control unit. This is handy on cooler nights when you don't need any extra cooling.  

12. Best Bed Cooling Fan: BFan 

electric cooling blanket

Yes, the BFan is just a fan. It doesn't cool or warm air like BedJet; it simply distributes room temperature air, making you cooler and drying away sweat. 

However, it’s much more effective than having a conventional fan by your bedside. That’s because the BFan directs air directly under the sheets. 

The setup consists of a stable base where the motor and fan are. BFan uses a brushless motor to keep noise down. 

An adjustable-height tower connects to the base and delivers air directly under the blanket or duvet. The top part of the tower is curved such that it sits flat against the top of the mattress. 

There are two BFans based on how tall your bed is. The short one adjusts between 19” and 28” while the taller one goes from 28” to 38”. To select the right one, measure the distance from the floor to the top of your mattress. 

The base itself only goes slightly under your bed. If you have very little or no under-bed space, you can turn the base around such that it doesn't need to go under the bed. 

BFan comes with a remote control with which you can select fan speed and set an auto-off timer.

Being a fan, don't expect the same level of cooling as BedJet. We recommend BFan for mild to average hot sleepers as well as people with night sweats.

How To Pick a Cooling System For Your Bed

For selecting the perfect cooling solution, you need to consider many factors such as the level of cooling/temperature change you require, whether you need occasional warming and of course your budget requirement.

Here's are the specific factors that you must keep in mind while selecting a cooling pad or comforter for your bed:

Cooling Capacity

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

Different pads have distinct cooling capacities.

By capacity we mean, how much it can cool your body down from the ambient (room) temperature?

The larger the temperature drop, the higher the cooling capacity.

Cooling systems you plug into a socket will always have the maximum capacity. This is because water or air is cooled/heated using an outside energy source, electricity.

Some, such as the BedJet V2, let you vary the temperature through the night. If your body temperature changes through the night, this is beneficial.

If you do not get hot or you need little cooling and breathability, then cooling mattress pads are great. All of the ones mentioned above use breathable materials that dissipate heat away from the body, whereas others use more advanced phase change materials to provide better cooling throughout the year.

Comfort & Feel

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

Mattress pads change the feel of your mattress, while powered coolers do not.

So if you are buying a pad or topper, it is essential to choose one that's supportive and comfortable.

Many people opt for plush pads which contain soft memory foam or filling foam. These offer great comfort and pressure relief but are thin enough that you won't feel 'stuck.'

If you already own a soft-enough mattress, then look at purchasing a pad made from latex or polyester foam, instead.

You can also choose an extra-thin mattress pad if you don’t want the feel of your bed to get affected in any way and one that focuses on keeping you cool. In this case, look at pads that double as a protector, like the Therm-A-Sleep Snow Cooling Mattress Pad & Protector above.

Fitted vs Loose

When it comes to cooling sheets, there is a lot of confusion over whether elastic/fitted or flat sheets are best. Most people hate sheets that are not big enough or keep falling off.

The same goes for mattress pads; fitted ones are the way to go.

Luckily, the majority of the mattress pads you will encounter include an elastic skirt which you tuck under the mattress. That means no matter how many turns you take, the pad won’t move too much.

Some pads use loose skirts which fold under the mattress. These work equally well.

We do not recommend mattress pads that lie on top of your mattress, as they will get displaced every time you move.


If you are buying a mattress cooling system for the first time, you will be surprised at how much they vary in price.

Some are inexpensive while some (water-cooled systems especially) may cost as much as a new mattress.

The first thing to decide when choosing a cooling system is what budget you can afford.

If you are on a budget, say under $100, you will likely be looking at a gel topper or a pad that provide a limited amount of cooling.

However, if you want better temperature control, then you will have to pay more.  

Most premium cooling pads are in the $100-$300 range.

Here, you'll get features like plushier pads and phase change materials - some feel like a mattress.

Now, if you are looking for precision cooling, prepare yourself to pay more for a powered air- or water-cooled system.

Water-cooled and forced-air cooling systems are the ultimate solutions for controlling your body temperature while you sleep.

They are far more precise, controllable and provide the greatest cooling capacity (temperature difference vs. room temperature).

Powered cooling systems typically cost between $200-$1,000 for King and Queen sizes.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance of most mattress pads is easy and straightforward. Some can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

More costly ventilated pads may require careful cleaning, but they're usually easy to maintain.

Don’t forget to read the cleaning instructions for any mattress pad purchase, though. Some need water-based cleaning whereas others need dry cleaning.

What is the Best Bed Cooling System?

Bedjet Review

If you choose to go for a bed cooling system, there are two types to consider for temperature regulation.

Forced-air systems like the BedJet utilize hot or cool air that is supplied by fans into the mattress.

A forced-air system's advantage is that it efficiently cools or warms your bed. Additionally, it works fast. You will feel the difference in just a few minutes.

The drawback is that it can be noisy due to the fans.

Additionally, air-powered systems consume the most electricity.

Other bed cooling systems like the ChiliPad use a water cooling method.

Rather than using air, they warm or cool you directly by running warm or cool water through tubes physically near your skin. 

A pump unit delivers water after its heated or cold and delivers it to narrow tubes incorporated into the pad.

Cold water is a powerful heat sink, quickly dissipating heat away from the human body in water systems that an electric heater warms temperature, water before moving through the tubes delivering heat to your body.

The benefits of a radiant water system are that they are silent, more comfortable to use and often less costly than air systems.

On the downside, water cooled systems do not cool as fast as an air-cooled system.

They also need to be refilled, though a single refill should last a week or two at least.

Cover and Filling

Seriously consider buying a mattress pad with a hypoallergenic cover. This is important if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.

Excellent cooling materials include cotton, microfiber, bamboo rayon, and wool.

Some pads are made with polyester or other artificial fillings that replicate goose down or feathers.

These substances are not only soft and comfy, but they're also good at wicking moisture away and cooling.

Type of Foam

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If you want a memory foam cooling pad, pay close attention before buying.

Foam pads can produce more heat on your mattress and may not be plush like other pads that use down filling or wool.

Latex foam pads are the best cooling solution, but they often harden the surface of your bed.

Choose a memory foam pad if you want something plusher. Make sure you choose a foam pad that is infused with cooling gel and has open-air cells to permit airflow.

Benefits of Using a Mattress Pad/Cooling Comforter

Best Mattress Cooling Pads

Listed below are some of the benefits of using a mattress pad or cooling comforter:

Personalized Comfort

Forced-air or radiant water cooling systems let you select the exact temperature you want for your mattress. Most powered systems also offer a dual-zone configuration for partners with different sleeping preferences.

Even ordinary mattress pads can offer customized comfort with phase change materials. Depending on your body temperature, the mattress pad keeps you cool or warm.

Lower Heating/Cooling Bills

Using your thermostat is an inefficient way to cool your bed.

Using a  cooling pad, you can enjoy a comfortable and cool bed while keeping the room warmer than otherwise.  This saves on air conditioning bills in the summer.

You don't need to fight with your partner about the thermostat, either. Everybody can enjoy their comfort.

Better Night’s Sleep

For a great night’s sleep, sleep specialists suggest turning down the temperature more than you may expect. Even though the right setting can vary among different men and women, the ideal average temperature is 65F.

A bed that is cooler lets you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deeper sleep.

A cooling pad or powered cooling system will help you sleep better, and you will be healthier, thus increasing your productivity at work.

This can be a lifesaver for people with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or insomnia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of mattress cooling solution is right for me?

The right kind of mattress cooling solution for you will depend on many factors including the amount of cooling you require, whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner, and whether you and your spouse have different sleeping preferences.

To select the best cooling solution, read our section above are — things to consider when purchasing a mattress cooling comforter or cooling pad.

How do I keep my mattress cool during hot summer nights?

You could turn the thermostat down, but that will consume a lot of energy and increases your bills. It will disturb your spouse’s sleep if they want to sleep warmer than you.

Buying the right cooling comforter or cooling pad is a good solution. Pony up a few more bucks for a powered cooling system like a BedJet and you can set a precise temperature.

Choose a dual-zone cooling solution if you are half of a couple, as this lets you set the temperature on each side individually.

How long will a cooling comforter last?

All the comforters mentioned above have a different lifespan.

Thin foam pads often work up to 3 years, while sophisticated powered systems may last for 5 or 10 years.

What are the best materials to keep me cool?

Cotton, wool, synthetic filling, bamboo and microfiber rayon are a few of the substances used in cooling comforters and pads. They're all great at dissipating moisture and heat.

Memory foam and latex foam are great options, too - make sure they are aerated so air can flow through them.

How long can a memory foam topper keep you cool?

The answer to this one entirely depends on the design and the quality of the memory foam.

Some memory foam toppers keep you cool till midnight but then begin heating up as heat is trapped inside.

This is the reason we recommend buying gel-infused memory foam toppers with open cell structure. They will keep you cool throughout the night and don't trap nearly as much heat.

What is Outlast technology?

Outlast a kind of fabric that uses Phase Change or PCM Materials to provide personalized comfort. The PCM releases and absorbs heat based upon your body temperature.

PCMs absorb heat to cool you down when you're feeling warm. When you’re feeling cold, the pad release heat to keep you warm.

So whatever the weather, you won't be too or too cold warm.

A few pads mentioned above use Outlast Technology.

Which sort of solution is ideal for high-humidity/tropical environments?

Consider an air-cooled mattress system such as BedJet V3. It's ideal for moist & warm climates.

Water-based systems like the ChiliPad typically do their best job in drier climates. But they're not useless in humid rooms. This is because the system is limited to the mattress rather than the home.

But, for the best results, we recommend an air-cooled system.

How do cooling pads work?

Simple cooling pads composed of foam or filling work by improving airflow. This helps to rid the bed of your sweat and body heat.

PCM (phase shift material) cooling pads work by absorbing and transforming surplus heat from your body into a change of material shape when you are feeling warm - and using the same mechanism to release heat back when you are feeling cold.

Powered cooling systems work by passing air or water next to your body to carry excess heat away or to provide additional hear.

Bed fans work by circulating air under the blanket. This cools you a bit and dries away sweat on your skin. 

Do bed cooling systems also warm the bed?

Advanced cooling systems like BedJet V3 and ChiliPad have a wide temperature range that encompassed both cooling and warming. 

You can keep cool in the summer and enjoy some extra warmth in the winter. 

Is BedJet just a fan?

Absolutely not; BedJet is not just a fan. Unlike a fan, it blows cooled or heated air into your bed, and you can select a precise temperature.

 BedJet works more like an air conditioner, but without a compressor or refrigerant. 

That said, BedJet doesn't work well in hot bedrooms with a temperature above 79F. If your bedroom regularly hits this temperature, either lower the thermostat a bit or buy a portable air conditioner.