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Bedjet v3 air comforter

BedJet Review: V3 Wireless Heating and Cooling System

Forget heating pads with embedded wires and electric blankets that are sometimes more stuffy than cozy.

The BedJet V3 wireless climate control system blasts air directly under the sheets, providing instant and precise heating and cooling.

The best part is, you don’t have to fiddle with buttons or dials. You can control BedJet using the wireless remote, your tablet or your smartphone.

If you sleep on a foam mattress that gets too hot or your feet tend to freeze at night, this is one of the best bed climate control solutions.

It’s also great if you experience night sweats and hot flashes.

Note: This review is for the latest BedJet model, the BedJet v3. 

If you are looking for a cheaper cooling solution, see our roundup of the best bed cooling systems for cheaper alternatives, including water-cooled systems and cooling toppers/pads.


  • Cools/warms instantly all over the body.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Smart home control (coming soon).
  • 60-day trial period and 2-year warranty.


  • More expensive than other bed cooling systems.  
  • The fan is a bit loud when set on high.

How the BedJet Heats and Cools

bedjet v2 review

The BedJet V3 works in a fairly similar way as your AC. It produces warm or cool air to keep the bed at the set level of comfort.

The unit has three main components.

There’s the base unit which is the brain and muscle of the system. This is where cooled or warmed air is forced out using a fan.

Then there’s the hose which carries the air from the base unit. It’s connected to a nozzle that goes underneath your comforter and delivers air evenly within the bed.   

You can also connect the nozzle to BedJet’s Air Comforter sheet that helps spread the air more evenly.

By the way, the air passes through a filter to make sure you are not breathing in any dust or allergens.

BedJet comes with a wireless remote control that you can use to set your climatic preferences, control the level of airflow and set an auto switch-off timer.

The remote control is the biggest upgrade between the BedJet V2 and V3. BedJet V3 uses a slimmer and much better looking remote control with a color screen.

You can access all functions on the new remote control – you don’t need to use your smartphone app to link to BedJet via Bluetooth.

So if you prefer keeping your phone away from the bed (or bedroom), the new remote control has you covered.

One feature that couples will love is that a single remote control can control both sides of the bed.

Even though you’ll receive two remote controls when you order the dual-zone option, you can adjust your side’s temperature and airflow using either. You don’t have to fable in the dark looking for a specific remote control; just grab the nearest one.

This ability will also be handy in case you lose one of the remote controls.

Very soon, you’ll be able to integrate BedJet into your smart home. BedJet 3 already has a WiFi chip installed. All it needs is a firmware update to start working.

When the update comes, you’ll be able to control BedJet from your smartphone or by voice via a smart assistant like Alexa.

You’ll also be able to integrate BedJet into your smart home routines. A handy routine would be to have the bed start warming up immediately when you switch off the lights.

Best Features

Bedjet V3 features

One of the biggest advantages BedJet V3 has over traditional heating pads and electric blankets is that it heats and cools instantly.

There is no waiting period which means you don’t have to pre-heat your bed before you sleep. Just get into bed, switch BedJet on and select your preferred settings.

BedJet warms you up in around 30 seconds.

In contrast, the best heating pads take about 10 minutes to warm up and others can take up to 30 minutes.

Another big plus is that it doesn’t change how your bed feels in terms of softness or firmness. There’s also no risk of wires pocking into your body.  

But our most favorite feature, which we’ll discuss in more detail later, is the dual zone temperature control.

It allows couples to control each side of the bed separately. If you like sleeping cool but your partner keeps cranking up the thermostat, this feature is a lifesaver.

In addition to cool or warm air, you can also have the BedJet produce a relaxing essential oil sent.

The new BedJet V3 model comes with an aromatherapy diffuser kit that should help you sleep better.

Another feature the company has added to help you sleep better is the Biorhythm Function.

The unit automatically selects a personalized comfort level for every hour of the night to make sure you sleep soundly.

You can also set it to activate the temperature wake-up alarm in the morning. It’s a much more peaceful way to get your day started compared to your noisy alarm clock.

You’ll wake up better rested and more energized.

Setting Up the Base Unit

Bedjet v3 installation

This boxy part goes under your bed. You need to have 6” of space under the bed for it to fit properly. But the side rail can be lower than that. You need just 3.5” of clearance for the hose to fit.

Depending on how low your side rail is, you may have to lift your bed to get the base unit under.

Don’t worry if you have a platform bed without any space under. You can still use BedJet. You’ll just have to place it next to the bed.

It will work just as good.

Make sure you position the base unit near a power outlet.

Many customers say that the power cord is a bit short. If you cannot access an outlet from the unit’s position, you can plug it into a 15amp appliance-rated extension cord.

Do not plug anything else into the extension cord.

The base unit is also where the washable filter is. Check the manual for instructions on how to remove and wash it.

It’s a lifetime filter so no need to buy replacements.

Using the Adjustable Mattress Mount

Bedjet v3 setup

The mount holds the hose and nozzle in place at night, which is especially helpful if you tend to kick and shift a lot at night.

The mount is designed to work with all kinds of mattresses. It has removable sections that allow you to make it as high or as low as you want depending on how thick your mattress is.

Don’t worry if the mount seems too low for your extra-high mattress. The hose is very stretchy. It will easily cover the remaining height.

To secure it to your bed, push the horizontal part deep under the mattress until the vertical part is flush with the side of the mattress.

Then mount the hose and nozzle on it.

You’ll notice a couple of clamps on the hose. Those are for securing the top sheet to keep it from moving about at night.

You can set up the mount on any side of the mattress. For even whole-body heating or cooling, the best place is at the bottom corners – either the left or right depending on which side of the bed you sleep on.

If it’s only your feet you want to target, position the mount on the side near the bottom making sure it aligns with the position of your feet at night.

Connecting the Air Hose and Nozzle 

Bedjet V2 Wireless Climate Comfort Heating and Cooling System

With the base unit under the bed and the mount in place, the rest is easy.

Slide the air nozzle into the top end of the hose. This is where the air will come out so it needs to be on your mattress.

Secure the hose onto the ring grip on the mount and position the nozzle flush against the top of the mattress. You may need to contract or extend the hose to get the perfect position.

Insert the other end of the hose into the air output of the base unit.

Your BedJet is ready to use. Plug it into an outlet and switch it on. If you are using a dual zone system, make sure the low-power dual zone switch is on.

Sound Level 

When you first switch the unit on, it’s quite loud. That’s because it is set at the highest fan speed when it ships from the factory.

On most nights, you won’t need to set it that high.

At the typical cooling level, it produces about 38dB of noise. That’s just a little louder than a quite whisper. You’ll have to put your hand near the nozzle to feel the air.  

It’s just as quiet when you’ve set the heating to 50%.

The highest cool and heat settings are a bit louder – white noise machine loud.

If you love white noise, you’ll find it relaxing. If you are not a fan, you’ll only have to endure it for a few minutes. These settings are only meant for use for short bursts of time.

Using the Wireless Remote

Bedjet v3 wireless remote

Unlike most heating pads that come with an attached remote, BedJet has a wireless remote that you can place wherever you find most convenient.

The remote control has a color screen, which allows you to check current settings in addition to modifying them.

The remote control is so good that it completely replaces the BedJet smartphone app. Unlike with BedJet 2, now you don’t need your smartphone to access advanced functions. You can access everything on the remote control.

Additionally, couples can control their dual-zone system using a single remote control.

Remote App Control 

Bedjet V2

There is a BedJet app for both Android and iOS. But you can’t control your cooling system from the app yet.

The only time you’ll use the app is to set up WiFi connectivity. This will allow BedJet to update automatically over the air.

After set up, use the full function remote control to adjust the temperature, airflow, alarm, and other settings.

We expect that after the promised firmware update, BedJet users will be able to control the cooling system via the smartphone app and even via smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Aromatherapy Kit

Calling it a kit is a bit of a stretch. It’s just several foam strips and a clamp.

You are supposed add a few drops of essential oil (not included) to a strip and then secure it to the inside of the nozzle opening using the clamp.

As air flows out of the nozzle, it will diffuse the essential oil scent across the bed.  

DualZone Option for Couples 

bedjet review

Most couples have different comfort preferences when sleeping. Usually, one partner will prefer sleeping warmer or cooler than the other.

The BedJet DualZone option ensures both of you sleep comfortably. You can each make your side of the bed as cool or as warm as you prefer.

Not use the Dualzone feature, you’ll have to get the AirComforter sheet. It is divided into two pockets for each side of the bed.

The Dualzone kit comes with two base units, two hoses and nozzles and two remote controls.

Hook up a base unit to each side of the bed and remember to turn on the dual zone switch. This lowers the power draw to avoid overloading the circuit.

Note that the DualZone option is available only for Queen and King sized beds.

Sleeping Experience

BedJet is designed to feel comfortable for different kinds of sleepers. The settings and options are very versatile. You can be sure you’ll find a configuration that feels perfect for your comfort needs.

For instance, if you don’t like the feeling of air flowing over your body you can reduce the fan speed to reduce airflow.

Lowering the fan speed should also help if you need a quiet sleeping environment.

Whether you prefer to sleep toasty warm or crispy cool, BedJet delivers the perfect experience.

Note: BedJet recommends that the room temperature be lower than 80 degrees for the best cooling experience. It will still cool you at slightly higher temperatures but not as quickly or effectively.

Optional Comforter 

The comforter is useful if you want to use the dual zone cooling feature. It allows you to establish separate climate control zones on each side of the bed.    

BedJet also recommends the comforter for those who need extra cooling performance. The comforter spreads the cool air more evenly and efficiently.  

There is a slot on each side of the comforter to secure the air nozzle.

If your partner doesn’t want any heating and cooling, you can just leave their side as it is and hook up just your side of the bed.

If you sleep alone on a twin or full size bed, BedJet sells a single-zone comforter as well.

BedJet V2 vs. V3

BedJet v3 vs. Bedjet v2

BedJet 2 and 3 are very similar in design and function. The differences are few but they make the new BedJet 3 cooling system smarter and easier to use.

Here are the main differences between BedJet 2 and 3.

  • Full function remote control: We absolutely love the new remote control. It doesn’t just look good (and modern), it is also makes it much easier to adjust various settings. The color screen is a big upgrade as is the ability to control a dual zone system with just one remote control.
  • Smaller control unit: The main unit is slightly smaller. Instead of 7”, now you need 6” of clearance space, meaning it can fit under lower beds.
  • Wider temperature range: With BedJet 3, you can adjust temperature between 66°F and 104°F. BedJet 2’s range was 72°F to 104°F.
  • WiFi connectivity: Starting from around the spring of 2020, you’ll be able to integrate BedJet 3 into your smart home. This will make voice control possible.

As you might expect, BedJet V3 is more expensive than the V2, but not that much so.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Excellent cooling and warming performance – better than     a heating/cooling pad or an electric blanket. 
  • Ideal for those who live in hot areas, anyone who gets frequent night sweats and anyone experiencing hot flushes.


  • The sheet clips on the nozzle are not effective. You may have to tuck in your top sheet under the mattress to keep it in place.
  • Power cord is short.

Customer Feedback 

bedjet v2 review

BedJet currently has a 4.5/5 rating from over 600 reviews.

Most of the reviews which gave it a 5-star rating (85% of all reviews) mentioned its excellent cooling and warming performance, the easy to use remote control and app, the versatile settings and the customer service.

Warranty and Care

Bedjet V2

BedJet come with a 2-year warranty. If any of the parts malfunctions, they promise to replace or repair it free of charge.

Maintenance is a breeze. All you need to do is remove and wash the filter in the base unit every three months.

Overall Rating

BedJet performs much better than mattress pads and electric blankets at keeping you cool (or warm).

We love the instant response and the range of options available including dual zone for couples. The addition of remote app control is brilliant. It makes it easier and more fun to use.  

The price is a bit on the higher end but it’s worth it if you value your sleep quality.

If you’ve been struggling with an overly warm or chilly bed, I (and 600 or so customers) highly recommend BedJet.


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