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If you're shopping right now for a portable air conditioner for your home, then you've come to the right place!

Hello, my name is Tom Hanson.

invented AC before it was cool

I've worked as an HVAC tech in Phoenix, AZ, for the past 10 years. 

During my career​, I've become quite familiar with lots of different portable room air conditioners, because a lot of my customers use them here in Phoenix.

There are literally hundreds of makes and models of portable air cooling systems, from small handheld personal coolers to portable units for a single room, to portable AC systems you can place in a car, truck, boat or RV. 

I put this website together to help homeowners and folks I work with make a fast, rational decision re. which top-rated portable AC unit is best for them. 

What's On This Website

On this site, I offer three different types of resources to help you make an intelligent buying decision:

  1. Portable AC Reviews:  I've picked and reviewed the best-rated, best selling units today in a variety of sizes and applications.
  2. Portable AC Buying Guide: in my in-depth buying guide (which you can also download as an eBook), you'll learn about the features that matter most, how to size a portable air conditioner for any size room, and the best portable ACs selling today.
  3. Learning Center: I've published a bunch of articles about all aspects of portable air conditioning, from how to size a portable AC to how to ventilate one correctly

When Does a Portable Air Conditioner Make Sense?

Portable air conditioners make a lot of sense for anyone who only needs to cool one or two rooms. There are many different situations where this might make sense, for example:

  • ​cooling a garage (popular here in AZ)
  • cooling an office or a home server room w/ a lot of electronics
  • provide air conditioning for a new room, attic conversion, etc.
  • cooling off a sun room
  • managing bedroom air quality for a sick or elderly loved one
  • keeping your pets safe during the summer
  • vacation homes, cabins, RVs and boats

Portable Air Conditioners are also a great, energy efficient solution for anyone who owns a house with central AC but doesn't really need to cool their entire home, for example:

  • ​empty-nest retirees
  • childless couples
  • people who live alone

I created this site to help home owners select the right portable air conditioner for their home in just a few minutes - on their mobile phone.

I hope you like my buying guide and reviews.

If you have any corrections or question, please leave a comment on that page - or send me a message using our Contact Form.

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