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sliding window air conditioner

10 Best Casement & Sliding Window Air Conditioners 2022: Vertical AC Units Reviewed

Looking for a good casement sliding window air conditioner? Take a look at our top 10 picks below.A sliding or casement air conditioner is your best bet for vertical windows. Fortunately, there

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best 6000 btu air conditioner

8 Best 6,000 BTU Air Conditioners 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Shopping for an air conditioner that can cool medium-sized rooms of up to 250 square feet?You are at the right place.The 6000 BTU window ACs and portable air conditioners recommended and reviewed below

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best 5000 btu air conditioner

7 Best 5,000 BTU Air Conditioners For Rooms Up To 150 Square Feet

Looking to buy a 5,000 BTU air conditioner?You are on the right page. 5,000 BTU air conditioners are a good choice for people looking to cool small rooms. They can cover areas up to 150 square feet

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best dual hose portable air conditioner

7 Best Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioners 2022: Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you planning to get a dual-hose portable AC to cool your room?Then this guide is for you. A dual-hose PAC (portable AC) unit is a great option for large rooms. They operate quicker than single-hose

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best stand up air conditioner

8 Best Portable Stand Up Air Conditioners 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Interested in purchasing a portable stand up air conditioner?Let us help you find the right one.A portable standup AC is the best solution for anyone who cannot or does not want to install a conventional

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best 8000 btu air conditioner

9 Best 8,000 BTU Air Conditioners For Rooms Up To 250 Square Feet

If you are looking for a small and compact AC to cool your room, you have come to the right place.Portable air conditioners are an excellent choice for people who do not have the luxuries of central cooling

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best 10000 btu air conditioner

Best 10,000 BTU Air Conditioners: Window & Portable AC Units Reviewed

If you have been searching for the best 10,000 BTU air conditioners to beat the summer heat, you are in the right place!A portable AC unit can be an excellent investment for those who do not have a central

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best 12000 btu air conditioner

Best 12,000 BTU Air Conditioners: Window & Portable AC Units Reviewed

Looking for a reliable 12000 BTU air conditioner to cool a 600 sq. ft. room?You are in the right place.With summer basically here, it's time to get a new air conditioner for your place. To save you time

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best garage air conditioner

Best Garage Air Conditioners 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Shopping for a garage air conditioner? You are on the right page.The garage is one of the hottest places inside any house, especially without windows. Working on projects in such conditions can make

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Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier Review

The Alen BreatheSmart is one of the best HEPA air purifiers for large and extra-large rooms. This powerful unit can clean the air in rooms as large as 1,100 square feet - making it perfect for small apartments

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Bedjet v3 air comforter

BedJet Review: V3 Wireless Heating and Cooling System

Forget heating pads with embedded wires and electric blankets that are sometimes more stuffy than cozy.The BedJet V3 wireless climate control system blasts air directly under the sheets, providing instant

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How To Install Portable Air Conditioner

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner Correctly (with No Leaks!)

Most portable air conditioners are easy to install. As long as you have all the components, you can do it yourself in 10-30 minutes.This guide is a step by step overview of how to install a portable

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zero breeze air conditioner

Zero Breeze Air Review

Thanks to its battery-powered air conditioner design, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a truly portable air conditioner.  Applications 

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ChiliPad Cube Mattress Heating & Cooling Pad Review

ChiliPad Cube Mattress Heating & Cooling Pad Review

If you sleep as hot as I do at night, then you know that a mattress with ‘cooling technology’ is often not enough to ward off the heat.This is especially true with modern foam mattresses. Cooling gels

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Right Portable Air Conditioner

How to Select the Best Portable Air Conditioner For Your Room

Need a portable air conditioner for your home? You've come to the right place!If you've been shopping for a portable AC recently, then you know there are a LOT of choices on the market - from small

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12 volt car cooler

Wagan EL6214 12V Personal Cooler and Warmer Review

BEST 12V COOLER FOR THE CARThe Wagan EL6214 is a compact personal cooler that is perfect for road trips, camping and use in RVs and boats.You can also use it at home to keep medicine, breast milk or cosmetics

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Best Portable AC For Your Needs

Choosing the Best Portable AC For Your Needs

When it comes to the world of portable air conditioners, you have plenty to choose from. While the concept of a portable air conditioner might seem rather simple, the truth is that they can all differ

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the chilly pad for bed

Ooler Sleep System Review

Ooler is a water-based bed temperature control system. It can act as a cooling or heating pad for your bed, depending on the temperature you select between 55F and 115F.The Ooler sleep system is pricey,

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Buying Guide for Portable AC

Best Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide: The Factors That Matter Most

Although it may seem like a simple device, portable air conditioners have numerous factors and characteristics that differentiate themselves from others. Features That Matter Most BTUVentilationNoiseDrainageExtra

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alen breathesmart fit50

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 HEPA Air Purifier Review

The Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is designed to tackle different types of air pollutants, including pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust, smoke, and odors.Unlike most air purifiers, the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

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