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What Size of Dehumidifier Do I Need? (Complete Guide)

On the lookout for the ideal dehumidifier for your basement, apartment, or crawl space can seem like a tricky task.There are hundreds of models, sizes, and makes, all with their own unique selling points

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ac compressor won t turn on

What To Do When Your AC Compressor Won’t Turn On

The Air Conditioning compressor is the heart of an A/C unit and can be a real problem if not functioning.Many things could cause a compressor to stop functioning.Below is a listing of some common problems

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dehumidifier runs but won't collect water

Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water? Here is How to Fix it

So you have heard about all the fantastic advantages of owning a dehumidifier, and you went out and purchased one. It worked fine for some time, clearing up your allergies and keeping your home cool and

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dehumidifier keeps freezing

Why Your Dehumidifier Is Freezing Up – and How to Fix it

Nothing can be annoying than your dehumidifier freezing and refusing to work. But why does your system keep freezing up, and how do you stop it? Excess humidity in your house can damage furnishings, cause

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dehumidifier overflows

Is Your Dehumidifier Leaking? Here’s How to Fix it

Do you usually move your machine and note the toaster is leaking from the bottom? Or visit a pool of water collecting under a unit fixed to a wall socket? And you possibly ask yourself, "why is my dehumidifier

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vacuuming ac system

How To Vacuum Down a Mini-Split and Release Refrigerant

Vacuuming down, a mini-split process is essential before releasing the refrigerant.Also, it is the most important way a unit is tested for leaks.The procedure is not hard and simple enough for a DIYer

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evaporative cooler thermostats

Using a Swamp Cooler Thermostat to Control a Swamp Cooler

If you have a swamp cooler in your house, you're knowledgeable about the balancing act of keeping the house cool. You've to focus on the temperature, monitor the fan speed, and open and close windows.

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dehumidifier vs ac

What’s The Best Way to Remove Humidity From Your Home? Dehumidifier vs AC

We all love that refreshing moment once we walk from the hot outside into a lovely, cool building. Or how about if we go down to the cellar and discover no sign of humidity? That is always excellent—nothing

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types of dehumidifiers

The 8 types of dehumidifiers explained

Maintaining your home surroundings comfortable is of extreme importance, and we go to great lengths to ensure we can truly relax in the home. That includes ensuring we have the ideal furniture, the electronic

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dehumidifier keeps shutting off

Dehumidifier keeps shutting off? how to fix this common issue

We all know how irritating it is when your dehumidifier keeps shutting off -- at the worst time! But why does this happen? And what can you do to stop it? We have assembled some information about troubleshooting

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dehumidifier for drying clothes

Does a dehumidifier help for drying clothes?

In cold, wet weather, we're often forced to dry clothes inside. Without the comfort of a tumble drier, radiators and wires are the only way to get clothes dry. This can take quite a while and contribute

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Using a dehumidifier is essential in houses where there are high levels of humidity. It may become too uncomfortable to live in a very humid space, causing extra perspiration, tacky feelings, and a musty

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improve ventilation

How to Improve Ventilation in a Stuffy Bedroom

Nobody likes a room with stale air.It's the worst feeling when you walk into your bedroom for bedtime, and you get "punched" in the nose with stuffy air.However, suppose you do not have windows in your

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vaporizer for baby congestion

Does A Vaporizer Help With Baby Nasal Congestion?

The day will come when you're watching your beloved little angel sleeping when out of nowhere comes a rattle in their small chest. This rattle could indicate the beginning of nasal congestion, and it's

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can you use humidifier without filter

Can you use a humidifier without a filter?

Do you find your house is always clean and dry? Maybe you sometimes notice that your skin is getting more dehydrated than usual? The cause of this may be that your house has not found an appropriate balance

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filter free humidifier vs filter

Filter-free Humidifier vs Humidifier with a filter: pros, cons and buying guide

Have you been noticing the air in your home is dry and scratchy in your throat and lungs when you breathe in? In that case, your house's humidity levels may be out of order and experiencing a reduction

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Can HEPA Filters Be Washed and Reused

Can HEPA Filters Be Washed and Reused?

If you've bought a device that uses a HEPA filter, you will likely be aware that many HEPA filters need replacing after prolonged use.For people who don't understand what a HEPA filter is, the filter is

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dehumidifier vs air purifier

Air Purifier Vs. Dehumidifier: Pros & Cons For Air Quality

Many individuals have more time at residence and concentrate more on home health, such as indoor air quality. Many of you have probably heard of both air purifiers and dehumidifiers, but just what is the

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How Often Should You Change The Filter In A Humidifier?

Have you noticed recently upon waking that you suffer from dry eyes or a sore throat? Or maybe your skin is more dehydrated with itching rashes covering arbitrary regions of your body? The dry air quality

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will a dehumidifier get rid of mold

Will a Dehumidifier Get Rid Of Mold In Your Home?

Dehumidifiers have been growing in popularity recently. They are useful machines that can eliminate the excess moisture out of your house while protecting all of your precious possessions from harm. They're

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