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Where Should I Place My Air Purifier? Every Room Covered

Which is the best place for an air purifier is a tough question to answer, but for optimum performance, an air purifier must be put in a strategic location. 

There are many things which you ought to consider, like placing it near the pollution source or making sure the air purifier isn't in interference with other devices.

We will cover all the location purposes in detail in this air purifier place guide.

Which Room Is Perfect for My Air Purifier?

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If you have a portable air purifier that's easily transferred between rooms, you must keep it with you.

In the morning, by way of instance, you can use it in the kitchen when preparing meals. As soon as you proceed to the room to get some time watching television, bring the air purifier with you, and you can use it in the bathroom later at night and then in the bedroom. Take it with you wherever you go and provide you the fresh air.

If the air purifier is too big and too heavy to shift from room to room, you need to put it into a room with the most pollution. If the pollution in your house is currently coming from the kitchen, place it in the kitchen. All of us know that food can give off smells, especially when it's burnt.

If the concern is dust, pet dander, then the best location for your air purifier will be a living area. And in case you've got deep concerns about the atmosphere when you sleep, it is an outstanding choice to place the air conditioner in the bedroom. All of us spend eight hours or more in the bedroom.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing the Best Room For Air Purifier

best place to put air purifier

Several things need to be considered before deciding where to place your air purifier, the main thing is to keep it near the pollution source, but other things should be recognized.

Put Air Purifier Near Odor Source

This advice is beneficial because if you follow it, the odor won't spread through the entire house. It'll be contained at the source. Some air purifiers have durable filters to get rid of odors and putting them near the odor source, and you wouldn't even smell the odor.

Keep The Room Size in Mind

You can make two mistakes when thinking of room size. You may put a too strong air purifier in a too-small room, and that way is wasting money by operating an air purifier for nothing. Or a mistake would be to put a little air purifier in a big room that it can not cover. If you make this error, you'll have an air that's not filtered enough, and you'll receive nothing from an air purifier.

Always read the suggested room size for the air conditioner. You may keep it at smaller or larger rooms but avoid putting it in the room that's double this recommended size.

Tight Spaces and Corners Are No Good

Most air purifiers work best when put in an open area that has free airflow from all sides. In such a setting, an air purifier can draw the air from all directions and gives out the best performance.

If you put them in a tight spot or corner, they could be too weak to pull on the air from the other corner of the room and, in that way, leave the air polluted in that corner. But, some air purifiers can be installed on the wall, and if you don't have a free spot for a standard air purifier, perhaps you should look for the one that can be placed on the wall.

Do Not Place Air Purifier Below or Behind Furniture

Air purifiers need good airflow, and the best work when there are no obstructions around them. It is necessary not to put an air purifier back side furniture because then it will not be able to draw all the air in the room. Also, it is not a good idea to put it under the table since that limits airflow.

You can get tempted to put smaller air purifiers inside a closet or on the shelf. This positioning may look appealing and beautiful, but air purifier performance will drop significantly.

Don't Run Air Purifier with Other Related Devices

If you have multiple devices that filters, dehumidifies, or humidifies even or air-condition, you need to consider which one to use.

The reason for this is because the air should flow, and when the air is pulled or pushed from various directions, an air purifier can not remove all airborne particles from the room.

It's also smart to not open windows while the air purifier is working. Pollen, dust, and other contamination will hurry to space through the window, and an air conditioner will work to clean the air coming from the outside, for the sake of your air conditioner to keep the windows shut.

Put It Near the Doorway

If you place an air conditioner near the door, then it will function as a security guard. It will capture all airborne particles and won't allow any contamination.

You should think about putting an air purifier at the doorway if you have dogs, cats, or many people coming in and out.

Keep Away from Electronics

Some inexpensive air purifiers are sensitive to electronic equipment and won't operate correctly if you put them near other electronics such as TV, microwaves, or any other electronic device.

Also, the air purifier may send interference to other electronic devices.

Keep in mind that this may happen, and if you notice some obstructions between devices, just move one of them in another area of the room. 

Though a high-quality air purifier will not intervene with other devices in your home, so possibly you should consider that before you decide to purchase one.

Air Purifier Positioning in The Bedroom

Positioning depends on the room. In the bedroom, By way of instance, you will need to set an air purifier to ten feet away from the bead's head.

Air shouldn't blow on your face since your sleep will irritate. Some individuals might have headaches in the morning when the air conditioner blows in their heads.

It would be ideal if the air input is faced towards the bed, so the air throughout the mattress is filtered.

However, you should put air purifiers at a decent distance as more powerful air purifiers may cause strong airflow, which can disrupt your sleep.

On the other hand, weak air purifiers won't be powerful enough if they're too far from the bed to suck all air.

Should I Put the Air Purifier in A Raised Position On The Ground Or?

Most manufacturers will let you know what's the best place for their air purifier. If the manufacturer advises that their air purifier can be fixed on the wall, you should do that, not only will you have the beautiful decor in the room but also performance will be high.

Large air purifiers can be put on the ground; they're strong enough to clean the air.

If you have a small air purifier, then the best place would be on the table or the desk close to you.

Small air purifiers will work better on a higher position since they do not have to suck on air from below. However, small air purifiers are mobile, and our advice is that you see and try different positions in the room. 

Once you get the best one, you can use it for optimum performance.


where to place air purifier

Location is a diplomatic game when we have to decide where to put an air purifier. Now that you know what to think about before making a final decision, you can do best.

Consequently, if you later get the idea that another location is a much better option, you can always put the air purifier in that location without any problems.

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