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dehumidifier overflows

Is Your Dehumidifier Leaking? Here’s How to Fix it

Do you usually move your machine and note the toaster is leaking from the bottom? Or visit a pool of water collecting under a unit fixed to a wall socket? And you possibly ask yourself, "why is my dehumidifier leaking water on the ground?". There can be several causes why a dehumidifier is leaking, but whatever the reason, it's a frustrating and possibly hazardous situation.

Dehumidifier Leaking On Floor

A leaking dehumidifier may wind up causing precisely the sort of problem you're trying to solve -- moist. If water is sitting on the carpet, it may damage it badly, and wood or lino may spoil over time. Sitting water can be a breeding place for germs, resulting in health issues or affecting individuals with ongoing medical conditions. Apart from the moist and potential mold, a dehumidifier leaking from the floor can cause an unpleasant odor. Thus why is your dehumidifier leaking, and how do you stop it? There are a few things you can do to learn what's happening and fix it.

Check The Water Collection Bucket

dehumidifier overflows

Portable dehumidifiers have a reservoir or bucket to collect the water instead of a hose to transfer it directly to a drain. This container should be emptied to keep it from overflowing or water sitting in it for a long time. If you leave water in your system, even if it's not functioning, the water can become stagnant and bring mold and mildew. Because of this, you should be sure that you empty it regularly and wash it clean with a soft cloth.

So firstly, assess your water collection system. Ensure it's empty, and the filter that the water flows through is not obstructed by anything. Most dehumidifiers have a readily removable bucket, and some even include a system that shuts off automatically if the dehumidifier gets too full.

Is your hose blocked?

Fixed dehumidifiers permanently installed on a wall or in a crawl space frequently have a hose that takes the water straight from the machine and into a drain. If this hose gets blocked, you could see water being unable to break free from the unit economically, which might lead to the machine becoming backed up. Disconnect your dehumidifier from power and isolate the hose, which contributes to the drain. Run your hands down the pipe and feel for any kinks or bends, causing your unit issues. Then remove the hose completely from the device and wash it thoroughly in a bucket of water. Using freshwater, flow the water via the hose, and check it are coming out easily. There is a lot of great sources online that demonstrate how you can clear a blocked hose.

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Not Draining

You should also check the drain for blockages. Even if something blocks the drain away from the device, this may cause the water to back up, and pressure can cause leaks across the hose or in which the pipe joins the dehumidifier itself.

Make Sure The Pump Is Working

Some dehumidifiers use gravity to just drain the water away, and for units that are in an elevated position or mounted high on a wall, this generally works fine. However, for some dehumidifiers, possibly on your crawlspace or not being repaired in an elevated place, a pump would be the best method to remove water from the device itself. The first thing to examine with your pump is to see whether it's blocked or jammed. If there is any dirt within the system, this can make your dehumidifier to leak water on the floor.

The other reason your pump might have ceased working is a loss of electricity. Check for loose wires or a faulty link to the part itself.

Look For Ice

dehumidifier leaking

If your dehumidifier has been working in temperatures below 65 degrees, you might find the coils within the device that have iced over. Dehumidifiers pull air in via a filter and then pass it over cool coils that condense the water in the air and accumulates it in a bucket. If the dehumidifier has become too cold, you might find it's stopped working well and when the temperature rises again, which could lead to water leaking from the base of your dehumidifier while the ice melts. To de-ice your unit, raise the room's temperature and wipe the coils with a soft fabric until they reach the ideal operating temperature.

Did the overflow switch stop working?

Another reason for a dehumidifier leaking is if the overflow switch is now faulty and stopped working. Many dehumidifier units have a built-in system that prevents them from overflowing and will eliminate the dehumidifier unit if the reservoir gets too full.

How To Repair Condensate Pump -- Faulty Switch Replacement

It can be challenging to know whether this "float switch" in the dehumidifier is functioning just by taking a look at the device and if you leave it running and it's broken, you will shortly have a puddle to take care of! Among the simplest ways to test whether the switch is working is with a volt-ohm meter.

Just unplug the dehumidifier and remove the switch you believe is not working. Remove the leads from the switch and hook up the volt-ohm meter, then assess your water bucket is empty and the system is free of any blockages. Then place the meter to the RX1 scale and then activate the switch. If there's absolutely not any movement on the meter as the switch is clicked on and off, then it's broken.


The fact of the matter is this; a dehumidifier can and probably will flow water or ice up regardless if it's a Frigidaire, Kenmore, Whirlpool, or Delonghi. The brand makes no difference since this is merely a frequent occurrence in these machines. So if you are struggling to work out why your dehumidifier is leaking water onto the ground, just follow these activities and check them off.

  • Empty the water bucket
  • Unblock the hose and ensure it isn't kinked
  • Ensure the pump is working correctly
  • Check your dehumidifier is operating in a room that's the ideal temperature
  • Check test the overflow switch

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