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Best Choice Living Fresh SKY1057 Ionic Ozone Air Purifier: In-Depth Review

The Best Choice Living Fresh SKY1075 is an incredible air purifier. It uses both ozone and ionic air purification to ensure good-quality air.

With separate controls for ionization and ozone levels, you can set the desired air purification levels.

Its elegant Cherrywood frame encasing a stainless steel cabinet looks quite classy. The compact construction makes it great, especially if you are short on space.

The Best Choice Living Fresh SKY1075 is an impressive air purifier that effectively removes dust and pollen. It helps get rid of foul odors too, so it maintains a refreshing environment.

It is an exquisite choice for air purification at homes and offices because of its simple and practical design.

Read on to find out what makes the Best Choice Living Fresh SKY1075 one of our favorite air purifiers. 

Pros and Cons


  • Effectively removes foul odors
  • No visible increment in electricity bills
  • It weighs only 13 lbs
  • Cherrywood frame looks stylish
  • Space-saving design prevents cluttering
  • Removes dust and mold
  • Stainless steel inner frame suits most interiors
  • Releases negative ions round the clock for purification
  • 3 fan speeds for optimal use
  • Small size increases portability
  • Reusable ceramic filters
  • Adjustable ozone levels
  • Plate receiver for easy placement of ceramic plates
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Improved air quality for healthy living
  • Ideal for large areas too
  • It gets rid of pollen in the air


  • Buzzing noise can be disturbing
  • It causes some dust particles to fall to the floor

Unique Features

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You are sure to enjoy a pleasant environment at home when you get the Best Choice Living Fresh SKY 1957.

Here are some notable features that make it one of the best air purifiers on the market.

Elegant Design

One of its most striking features is its classy and rather elegant-looking Cherrywood frame, which is supported by the stainless steel cabinet.

It makes the air purifier look more attractive than air purifiers with a plastic frame. It is also quite sturdy, so it does not damage easily.

Separate Controls

The SKY1057 has 2 separate control knobs to adjust the ionization and ozone levels. So, you get to have a wide variety of air purification modes with these controls.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Another great feature of the SKY1075 is its adjustable fan speed. There are 3 fan speeds, so you can set the desired speed to maintain a comfortable environment at home.

Removal of Impurities

The sky1057 air purifier is highly reliable as it removes most kinds of impurities from the air.

It removes dust and pollen from the air, leaving it much cleaner. It also eliminates odors of food, tobacco, and mildew to make the air at your home feel more refreshing.

The air purifier can get rid of mold and fungal growths at home, too. So, it helps you save your furniture from mold growth and damage.

Energy Efficiency

The 1057 consumes only 21 watts of power and is quite energy efficient. It does not bring a marked increase in your electricity bills either. So, you do not have to worry about excessive electricity usage with this BC air purifier.

Releases Negative Ions

The sky1057 releases negative ions into the air, which improves the air quality. Negative ions are good for our health, so you can leave the ionizer on for 24 hours, too, without any problem!

Covers Large Spaces

The SKY1075 by Best Choice offers a diversity of use as you can adjust it according to the area you want to use it in.

For instance, for spaces as large as 3,500 square feet, you can turn up the air purification levels.

This way, you do not have to invest in two separate air purifiers - one for your room and one for large basements.

Space-Saving Construction

SKY1075 air purifier by Best Choice Living Fresh measures 6 x 6 x 10 inches, so it does not occupy much space. You can place the air purifier wherever you need without worrying about crowding the space.

Its compact construction also makes it great for office use.

Reusable Ceramic Filters

We like the SKY1075 air purifier because of its reusable ceramic filters.

It has two ceramic plates that accumulate the impurities over time. You can simply take them out, wash them and insert them back to keep purifying the air.

The maintenance is cost-free, which is another plus for this Best Choice air purifier.


Finally, the SKY1057 is very affordable. It costs less than most other air purifiers that offer far fewer features.

Plus, the durability of the stainless steel cabinet and its wooden frame add to the air purifier’s life.

Comparison: Best Choice Living SKY1057 Ionic Ozone Air Purifier vs. Other Options

bc air purifier

The Best Choice Living SKY1075 stands out from other options due to its remarkable construction.

While most ionic air purifiers have a plastic frame, the SKY1075 comes with a wooden frame. The stainless steel cabinet that houses the purifier goes perfectly with the wooden frame.

Another feature that helps distinguish the SKY1075 is its sleek design. It does not occupy much space, so you can easily place it anywhere.

You can also adjust its settings according to the area you need to purify, making it suitable for both large and small places, unlike most other similar air purifiers.

The sky1057 air purifier beats its competitors with a low ozone output, making it an ideal choice for asthma patients. It also has 2 simple dials for changing the ionization and ozone levels.

However, most other air purifiers do not have separate ionization or ozone controls, so the sky1057 is a better option.

Issues & Concerns

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The Best Choice SKY1057 ionic air purifier/ozone ionizer comes highly recommended. But, you can expect some issues while using it. These include:

Noise Production

The sky air purifier model 1057 produces a buzzing sound when it is on. While it merges well with background noises during the day, it might be disturbing at night.

Plus, you might not be able to focus on the task at hand with it switched on near you.

Dust Falls Off the Plates

The ceramic plates in this air purifier are quite efficient when it comes to filtering air.

However, they can sometimes fail to accumulate all the dust on them. So, some dust falls off, and you have to vacuum the place.

But this happens only when the plates are already full of dust, so frequent cleaning might help you avoid it.

How to Use

Getting the SKY1075 ozone air purifier is the right start to purifying your environment. But, you need to use it the right way to make the most out of it.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the SKY1057:

  • Begin by inserting the ceramic plates in the filter slot at the back of the air purifier.
  • Then, place it at the desired location. Ensure to keep a distance of 3 inches between the back of the air purifier and the wall. It is better to place the air purifier at a central point to ensure optimal air purification.
  • After positioning this air purifier, plug in the power cord to start it.
  • Turn on ionization and set the fan speed according to your preference. Medium speed works the best if you do not have any preferences.
  • Keep the ozone dial at low in the beginning and then gradually increase it as per your need.
  • Make sure to keep this air purifier at least 4 feet away from you at all times, and you are all good to use it.
  • You can keep the ionizer on at all times, but turn off ozone release when you do not need it. This will help you maintain good-quality air at home.


Electricity powered air purifier

Sturdy wooden frame

2 reusable ceramic plates

Cherrywood frame over a stainless steel cabinet

2 dials for ionization and ozone levels

Ionization-based air purification

Purifiers up to 3,500 square feet

Requires 120V

Dimensions of 6 x 6 x 10 inches

Employs ozone filtration technology

Where to Buy

You can get the Best Choice Living Fresh SKY1057 Ionic Ozone Air Purifier from Walmart or eBay.

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