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Portable Air Conditioner Venting

Portable Air Conditioner Venting Options: With or Without a Window

Interested in purchasing a portable air conditioner unit but confused about how you are going to vent it?Or maybe you have already liked one, but you need to understand the portable AC venting alternatives

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Water filtration system

5 Top Benefits of Using Water Filters in Your Home

The availability of clean drinking water is one of the greatest achievements of modern civilization. Our ancestors used to rely on impure sources of water, and would as a result suffer the risk of inevitable

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Pieces of ice over white plastic in an ice maker

Answering 11 Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Ice Makers

Sometimes we need more ice than our standard freezers can produce. It feels frustrating when you run out of ice while you have guests over on those hot summer days. Then, you have to walk or drive to

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things to clean water cooler

How to Clean Your Water Cooler: Don’t Forget To Do These 2 Things!

​You wouldn't imagine that something as apparently harmless as a water dispenser could get dirty... but it could. In reality, a water dispenser has to be cleaned and even sanitized regularly. (After

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White mold

What is White Mold? Is it Dangerous? How Do I Remove It?

​White mold growth, while a general problem in houses, does not get the same treatment as black mold. This is a result of the anxieties surrounding more well-known black molds, such as Stachybotrys. Several

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Sleep cooler at night

14 Ways To Sleep Cooler At Night Without Adjusting Your Thermostat

Nothing can be worse than being unable to sleep because you are feeling hot. No one wants to feel like they're fighting with their sheets. Not only is heat uncomfortable, but it is also bad for your

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Types of mold

12 Most Common Types of Mold in a Home & How To Remove Them

​Many people think that mold occurs in older houses, but that's not really true. House of any age can create a mold problem as the source of mold spores is not age-dependent. While mold isn't harmful

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A carbon water filter at home

5 Never-Heard-Before Things to Consider When Buying Water Filters

Just like many other homeowners, are you also concerned about the quality of drinking water at your house? Many recent researchers and studies have shed light on how the drinking water at your house may

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Portable ac for use inside the home

10 Reasons Why You Desperately Need a Portable AC of Your Own

The hot winds of summer are fast approaching. With summers just around the corner, it is time that you invest in an air-conditioning unit that can keep your days cooler and your nights comfortable. Wall

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Humidifiers inside home

10 Things a Humidifier Can Do for You (5 Are a Real Surprise)

Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of air inside their houses. While there weren’t many accessories or gadgets to help them out in this quest previously, we now have

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Example of Evaporative Cooling

Portable Air Conditioners vs. Evaporative Coolers – What’s the Difference?

Portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers are popular options to provide room-specific cooling to a home - whether the home already has central air conditioning or not. But how are they different? While

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Summer Day

Why Buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

When it comes to portable air conditioners, there are plenty of reasons to buy one, depending on  your own needs and situation. Reasons To Buy a Portable AC Rooms That Need More

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Mistakes with Portable Air Conditioning

Common Portable Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

Portable air conditioners are awesome when used correctly, but people often find ways to misuse them, leading to higher-than-necessary utility bills, equipment failure and even an uncomfortable cooling

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Reaction to the Allergy

Find Allergy Relief with Portable Air Conditioners

If you suffer from allergies, then you know how frustrating the warmer months can be. There are plenty of things in the air that trigger your allergies, leading to itchy eyes, runny noses, headaches,

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Venting a Portable AC Properly

Venting a Portable AC Properly

Portable air conditioners are fairly simple to operate, but they do require some minor setting up when in use. The ventilation aspect of a portable A/C unit is an important and unavoidable one. Before

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EER Calculating

How To Calculate Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy efficiency is a big topic these days, and rightfully so. The move towards energy efficiency has been trending for both environmental and financial reasons. In order to help consumers make sense

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Glossary of AC Terms

Portable Air Conditioner: Glossary of Terms

Understanding portable air conditioners and what to look for when buying one is made much easier when you have a basic knowledge of some of the most common terms used in reference to them. Portable

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Portable Air Conditioner for Your Home

How to Correctly Size a Portable Air Conditioner for Your Home

Portable air conditioners are simple and easy way to cool rooms that either have no air conditioning or need an extra boost. When selecting the right portable air conditioner for your home, room,

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