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friedrich wall air conditioner

Friedrich CP08G10B Air Conditioner Review

If the weather is baking everything outside, you have the right to enjoy some refreshing air in the periphery of your home or office. One of the best ways to do so is by installing the Friedrich CP08G10B air conditioner.

It can supply 8000 BTUs of cooling power, uses up about 330 square feet, and is known for its eco-friendly nature. It comes with a remote through which you can adjust the settings to your preferences from the comfort of your seat. 

You can easily install in window openings that are 20 to 36 feet wide. It can easily fit into any space as it has expandable side curtains to take over any existing void.

Once you get your hands on this, you will have control over the temperature of your interior space in your hands, thanks to its highly customizable settings. 

It has three cooling speeds, three fan-only speeds, and four-way airflow control. The unique feature that this air conditioner is known for is its super-quiet operation. 

And you can set a time limit on the 24-hour timer to reduce energy consumption. You can also see it in comparison with others to see if it is the one that best suits your personal air conditioning needs.

Product Specifications


Cooling Area: 330 square feet

Height: 14 inches

Weight: 64 pounds

Window opening (minimum): 15 inches (height) by 22 inches (width)

Additional features: Remote, Timer

Air filter type: Washable air filters

Fan speeds: 3

BTU cooling: 3000

Unique Features

Let’s dive right into some of the best features Friedrich CP08G10B has to offer in terms of its overall design, operation, and value for money;


To suit your exact preferences, the Friedrich CP08G10B has been designed to be easy to control. You can alter the settings from the unit or by using the remote control.

The remote control has fan level options along with temperature change, timer, and comfort modes (normal cooling, fan-only, dehumidify, cost-efficient). 

It includes a slide-out sleeve for easy installation and has a washable antimicrobial filter, so you can keep it maintained for clean air. It holds an EER rating of 12.2, which reflects high energy efficiency.

Users also get power cord flexibility as the cord attached to the unit can run in any direction, offering various installation choices. In addition, the louvers are made to supply cool air evenly throughout the whole room. 


The Friedrich AC has been programmed around the idea of eco-friendliness. Despite its power, this air conditioner is Energy Star-rated for efficiency. It can supply 8,000 BTUs of cooling power to an area of up to 300 square feet. 

Another great thing about this is its ultra-quiet operation. Its stronghold is that it cuts the operating noises down to a bare minimum, offering an uninterrupted atmosphere of peace and quiet.

According to a user review, the noise at the highest fan speed was about 47dB and 41db at the lowest, which is quite impressive.


Since it operates on about 8000 BTUs of cooling power and cools off a spacious area of up to 330 square feet, it can only add up to an estimate of $63 per year. 

friedrich air conditioning reviews


Before beginning the installation, make sure you know how to correctly size a portable AC. Then, gather the necessary tools, which include a Phillips screwdriver, a half-inch wrench or crescent wrench, a drill with a Phillips bit, and a 3/16 drill bit. 

You will also need a stud finder, safety glasses, tape measure, and a box cutter or wire cutters. Remember to wear proper safety gear during installation. 

  1. 1
    First, you will need to determine where the indoor module will be mounted. Allow a minimum of six inches of clearance between the indoor module and the ceiling. It is also important to make sure that the indoor and outdoor modules are within 25 feet of each other while allowing for any necessary bins required to reach the connecting line and electrical connection on the outdoor module. The wall plug should also be within six feet over the unit's cord exit and support the proper voltage and plug phase for this installation.
  2. 2
    Using the paper template as a guide, locate the center point screw and mark. Then, using a stud finder, locate two studs within the template and mark their location. Next, you will need to remove the mounting bracket from the back of the indoor module. Remove the paper mounting template from the wall and use the marks you made to mount the bracket on the wall using the included screws. 
  3. 3
    Once the mounting bracket is secured, install the simple SIL window kit. Clean the windowsill if necessary. Open the window and then trim and mount the bottom seal gasket with the adhesive side down. Repeat this process on the bottom of the raised window, expand it to one inch wider than the window, and insert a securing pin to lock the length in place. When inserting a simple sill in the window, place one side low against the bottom gasket and one side six to nine inches higher above the sill. Press the raised end down until it is flush with the bottom seal gasket.
  4. 4
    Hang the indoor module on the wall bracket, taking care to tuck the connecting line set into the gap at the indoor module's rear. Use the connecting line bending guide, make any necessary adjustments to the connecting line to cleanly mount the indoor module, and hang the indoor module from the top of the bracket. Then snap the lower portion into place firmly. Do not push directly on the air discharge flap during mounting, as this may cause alignment issues and lead to rattling. Lower the line set into the foam channel in the installed simple sole accessory. Replace the pass-through cover and insert the securing pins. You can also install a window security lock. 
  5. 5
    Align the outdoor module’s feet with the indentations in the mounting pad and screw all four feet into place. Use the connecting line bending guide to create gentle bends in the connecting line set. To connect the line set to the outdoor module, open the lock handle on the line set connector by pulling it back. Grasp the outer lock caller on the line set connector and pull back until it pushes open the line set connector onto the outdoor unit halfway. Then release the outer lock collar and continue pressing the line set connector until the outer lock collar snaps into place. Securely close the lock handle completely.  
  6. 6
    Install the electrical cord retention and the three screws on the sides and one under the door, close the door and attach the final screw. Once the line set is connected, it's time to plug in the indoor module and turn it on control breeze with the included remote control. 
friedrich wall air conditioner

Pros and Cons of Friedrich CP08G10B Air Conditioner


  • It offers better insulation than a window, so it is more energy-efficient compared to a window AC .
  • Can cool a reasonably large room of about 330 square feet.
  • User can place a timer to save energy.
  • Ultra-quiet operation offers distraction-free cooling.
  • Easier and cheaper to install, as compared to central AC, as there is no ducting required.


  • Users may need a hand in the installation process as the unit is heavy.

Safety Precautions and Maintenance

The Friedrich CP08G10B air conditioner is a fairly easy one to maintain. All you need to do is take out its air filters and clean them thoroughly every once in a while to ensure a fresh supply of air.

If it is extremely dirty or greasy, you can even make a solution using warm water and dish detergent and leave it on for a few minutes before washing.

How it compares with the Honeywell MM14CCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Some common features of the Friedrich and Honeywell air conditioner include the accessories that come along with the air conditioners' purchase, such as the ones for installation and the remote control.

However, the Honeywell AC is portable and covers a larger area of up to 550-700 square feet. It also has a higher operating power of 14,000 BTU, as compared to the Friedrich unit, which runs on 3000 BTU. But this means that the latter produces less sound. 

Both air conditioners have filters to protect the unit from dust and hair for better performance and durability.

However, the Honeywell AC has dual filters, while the Friedrich model has just one. The Honeywell unit also offers thermal overload protection for added safety. 

Overall, the Friedrich CP08G10B is a better choice if you want an AC that cools quietly.

Where to Buy? 

You can purchase this product from Amazon. 

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