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filter free humidifier vs filter

Filter-free Humidifier vs Humidifier with a filter: pros, cons and buying guide

Have you been noticing the air in your home is dry and scratchy in your throat and lungs when you breathe in? In that case, your house's humidity levels may be out of order and experiencing a reduction in the amount of moisture in the air. It's advocated by most home renovation specialists and trusted healthcare professionals that the air in your home comprises about 50 per cent of relative humidity. This is the amount of moisture in every particle of the mindset that circulates through your home.

While too much moisture in the house can cause severe health and structural difficulties, it's important to remember that insufficient can do precisely the same. The appropriate humidity levels in a home can reduce cold symptoms and allergies and relieve dry skin or flare-ups of common skin ailments.

Dry air can also alter the wood and other substances utilized in the construction of your home. With too much dryness in the atmosphere, the wooden support beams and furniture may also dry out, resulting in cracks or breaks and reduced strength. It becomes brittle and quickly snapped when pressure is applied. Fire risks are also increased due to the dry nature of the linens and wood.

There's an appliance that may help balance the humidity level in your house, and that's a humidifier. With multiple types to select from and different unique attributes associated with each one, it can get overwhelming when deciding. Not only are there different kinds, but there are various styles within that specific type.

The most notable difference is the use of filters during surgery. How can a filter help? What does it do? Is it more valuable to have a filter? Let's find out together.

What Is A Humidifier?

can you use humidifier without filter

In other words, a humidifier is an appliance used to adjust the level of moisture in your dwelling's atmosphere. The reasons for needing to correct the moisture levels could be structural, physical, or a mixture of both.

Most humidifiers emit moisture to the air by using a fan and engine powered by batteries or electricity to dispel water particles into the atmosphere. You can buy cool mist humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, or also sonic vibration humidifiers. They may be a single unit (portable to every room with an electrical socket) or large units installed directly into a house's central air system.

Unfiltered Humidifiers

filter free humidifier vs filter

This Humidifier is a system that does not include a filter but rather carries water over its operating system into the atmosphere. It generally consists of an integrated cleansing system, removing germs and allergens in the moisture before discharging it in the air.


Avoid Maintenance On The Filter

A humidifier, like every appliance, requires some maintenance from its owner. You must clean the machine parts where the water is saved, the elements that omit the water, and the vents where the water enters the air.

The filter in a humidifier should be cleaned per week, mainly if you use it every day.

Avoid The Cost Of A Replacement Filter

filter free humidifier vs filter

Some humidifiers may take a replacement filter every one or two months. This can get expensive and frustrating, mainly if you use your Humidifier daily. Installation of the filter occasionally falls into the owner (even some central air units), which may be cumbersome for many who live a hectic lifestyle and might not always be about to change the filter in time.


Risk Of Bacteria And Allergens Entering The Air

The primary purpose is to eliminate harmful bacteria and allergens, which may develop in dark, moist places. Without a filter, there's a higher risk of bacteria, which can lead to long-term health issues in the air you and your family breathe daily. If you already live with respiratory difficulties, using an unfiltered humidifier can increase symptoms rather than reducing them.

Will Need More Strong Maintenance On Other Operating Components

Most humidifiers with no filter have other systems that reduce the number of germs and allergens that enter the air. It follows that additional maintenance and cleaning on the device are required. Cleaning directions should come with your unit so you can perform preventative maintenance right at home. Special disinfectants might need to be bought or a cleaning solution made specifically for your Humidifier.

Filtered Humidifiers

filter free humidifier vs filter

A filtered humidifier is a humidifier that releases moisture to the atmosphere but only after it's passed over a filter to eliminate any harmful mites, bacteria, or allergens. This style could be considered healthier, but it could also be slightly noisier, based on consumer complaints.


Removes Allergens And Bacteria From The Moisture Particles Before Releasing Into The Air

If you currently live with respiratory problems, such as asthma, or skin conditions like eczema, you know that particular bacteria or allergens can cause an attack or increase in symptoms. Using a filter reduces the amount of those nasty critters from getting into the air. They'll help you to get the most from your Humidifier, rather than leaving you regretting your purchase.

Those who live a healthy lifestyle find peace of mind knowing that the air and moisture in the house are the cleanest it can be, whatever the appliances being used.


Can Be Expensive When A Filter Replacement Is Required

When a replacement filter is needed a couple of months, it can get costly and irritating. The irritation factor is that buying this filter, changing the filter, and disposal of the filter. The price factor is the actual price of this filter. Based on the manufacturer, unit, and design, the filters could cost around $20.00 each time.

Noisier Than An Unfiltered Humidifier

Some consumers reported that a filtered detergent is more than an unfiltered one. Low-quality units may wheeze or omit gurgling noises as the moisture moves through the filter.


You're now informed and educated on the advantages and disadvantages of a humidifier. Equipped with this knowledge, it is possible to wisely decide what will give the most benefits to your loved ones. Not only will you assist in living a healthy lifestyle, but it is also possible to breathe easy knowing your family's house isn't being damaged by dry air.

Make sure to select a brand and retailer you can trust when buying a humidifier since they can be pricey with all the more features and choices they must offer.

Take a look at guarantee periods, repair or replace policies, and the guarantees supplied by the merchant from which you buy your Humidifier.

Always use a humidifier according to the directions provided. Too much moisture in your house's atmosphere can have both similar and distinct impacts on a person; and the structure itself.

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