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Diffuser vs Humidifier

Diffuser vs. Humidifier: Which One is Right For You?

Have you noticed your home's air is too dry, or perhaps conveys a musty or dusty odor?

This may be due to the humidity level in your home - it may not be at the appropriate level.

A deficiency of humidity in your home can cause plenty of problems like respiratory problems and skin irritations.

These are things you do not want to happen to your body nor your family’s.

But how can a humidifier help with the odor in your home?

By itself, it cannot - but using a humidifier with a diffuser can perfume the air with essential oils to leave your house smelling magnificent.

Is a diffuser different from a humidifier?

It can be, because we are talking about two different machines.

Some high-end humidifiers include an attachable diffuser, but what exactly makes them two different products?

We clear this confusion up in this article.



A diffuser is a small device powered by electricity to operate a small motor that discharges particles throughout the air.

Typically, a diffuser is utilized to add a scent into your house's air but can also be used with essentials oils that encourage good physical and mental health.

Your diffuser must have vents across the body to release air and a water container, which, by blending with essential oils, provide the air with a relaxing scent.

Diffusers are cool-air machines that allow essential oils or scents to permeate the air of the room.

Compared with a humidifier, a diffuser is more compact and generally just adds smell to the area it's placed.

Some find it beneficial to place a diffuser in every area of the home, while some tend to set them up in high traffic areas (living room, bathroom, etc.)

How Does A Diffuser Impact Your Health?

Some studies show a diffuser can reduce the existence of specific bacteria and fungus in the house.

A reduction in bacteria in your home implies a decrease in the number of health risks to you and your family.

The cool air expelled from a diffuser may also have a purifying effect, eliminating unpleasant scents and scents from the air of the home.

High-end diffusers often include special features that improve the functioning of the machine. You can buy diffusers with built-in music docking or lighting. This allows the diffuser to be a multipurpose thing, making the cost somewhat easier to justify.

Models Of Diffusers

There is a wide range of diffusers on the market available for consumers today:

Evaporative - uses a filter or pad with a little fan to dispense oil through the air and doesn't need water.

Heat - uses a filter and pad also but combines the oils with heat to release contaminants.

Nebulizer - uses a suction effect to break the oil into small particles and then release them in the air.

Ultrasonic - this could be thought of as a combination product, as water is used to include particles of oils into the air by the shape of a cool-mist, moistening the air during precisely the exact same procedure.



A humidifier is a large appliance that has a small motor powered by the electricity to push moisture into your home's air.

It has vents to release moist air and can be bought in several forms.

Moist air can help those who live with respiratory difficulties breathe easier and decrease skin ailments.

Humidifier-Diffuser Combinations

In addition to individual units, there is a special type of humidifier-diffuser available that combines the functions of a humidifier and a diffuser.

Many humidifiers also include a removable diffuser option, but should only be utilized at a cool-mist humidifier.

If you find one that expels warm air, it's important to remember that the oils can break down the humidifier's plastic elements and reduce the efficacy of the essential oils.

How Do Humidifiers Improve Your Health?

Humidifiers maintain the level of humidity in the air, which can reduce the severity of certain respiratory or flu-like ailments.

It maintains the ideal level of moisture into the air to allow the skin and membranes to absorb a healthy moisture level.

Proper moisture levels in your house can also prolong the life span of the your home. Dry wood loses its form, causing structural aging. Dry wood also tends to break and split, which reduces the support in your home’s structure.

Humidifiers are intended to operate without special water or ingredients; most can function using only tap water.

Many humidifiers come equipped with built-in filters to get rid of any germs or mites from the water.

Nevertheless, it is essential to clean your humidifier according to the directions.

Without appropriate care, a humidifier becomes a breeding ground for germs, which can be released into the air to enter our bodies.

Who wants that?

Models Of Humidifiers

Like diffusers, there's a wide assortment of humidifiers that use various technologies to meet your unique needs.

Warm Mist - this sort of humidifier dampens the air using a small motor and fan to generate a warm mist from the water inside the machine. Caution is warranted, though, with warm mist humidifiers - since burns are a concern with the heating element.

Cool Mist - this type works mostly the same way a warm mist unit, but produces a cool mist that's soothing to the skin.

Industrial - generally larger than a portable humidifier and can be fitted directly into your structures' central air system. Industrial humidifiers push moisture into every room at precisely the exact same time, maintaining a balance.

Ultrasonic - uses ultrasonic vibrations with water to make a mist. They are noisier than other models, so research is crucial on the noise levels.


Diffuser vs Humidifier

Now that you understand the difference between a diffuser and a humidifier, you are equipped to select the best product for your home.

Be sure to check the humidity levels throughout your house regularly to make sure that there is not too much humidity in the air that may result in another set of issues.

Life can be stressful enough as it is, so you don't need to add home renovations to the mix.

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