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Coleman Mach 15 Airxcel Air Conditioner

Coleman Mach 15 Airxcel Air Conditioner Review

Coleman Mach 15 is one of the most powerful RV air conditioners in the market.

With a 15,000 BTU cooling capacity and a powerful 320 CFM airflow, the Mach 15 is an excellent choice for cooling large RVs. The added cooling power is also handy if you travel a lot with your RV to hot areas.

With a separately sold heating kit, you can also heat your RV.

Read on for our full review of the Airxcel Mach 15 AC from Coleman. If this is not what you were looking for, we have other great recommendations in our reviews of the best RV air conditioners.

Note that the Coleman Mach 15 is designed for ducted systems. If you are looking for a ductless RV air conditioner, the Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner is the best alternative. It has the same 15,000-BTU cooling capacity.

Key Features

coleman rv air conditioner

1. 15,000 BTU Cooling Capacity and 320 CFM 

15,000 BTUs are at the top end when it comes to the cooling capacity of RV air conditioners. It's the best capacity for large RVs.

A powerful 1/3 HP motor powers the 15,000-BTU Mach 15 air conditioner.

Another feature that makes the Mach 15 so good at cooling is its high airflow. It pushes out 320 cubic feet of air every minute, providing fast and efficient cooling even on hot days.

2. 5,600 BTU Heating Capacity

The Coleman Mach 15 can cool your RV and warm it as well. The heating capacity, however, is at a much lower 5,600 BTUs.

Note that the Mach 15 is not ready for heat out of the box. You'll need to buy a Coleman heating kit (also called a heat strip) to enjoy warm air from the air conditioner.

3. Streamlined Design for Improved Aerodynamic

The Coleman Mach 15 has minimal impact on how your RV drives and fuel efficiency. This is thanks to its streamlined design that reduces drag when you are on the road.

4. Relatively Easy to Install 

Most customers were able to install the Mach 15 on their own. The hardest part is getting the AC to the top of your RV. Two or three people are necessary to safely carry and lift the 90-pound Mach 15 AC.

If you are replacing an old AC, you'll find the installation process easier and quicker.

One thing RV owners like about the Coleman Mach 15 is that the foam seal on the AC seals the roof opening adequately without any need for additional caulking or tape.

Note: The Mach 15 does not come with a control unit. If you are replacing an older RV AC, save the control panel for use with the Mach 15. If you need the complete package, buy the control unit separately. 

The Coleman Mach 15 should also work well with your current wall thermostat. If you are looking for a new thermostat, the Coleman RV Camper Mach manual thermostat is a good choice. 

Issues & Limitations

Other than the lack of a control unit, customers' other common complaint is the quality of packaging.

The AC is not well protected during shipping, and some customers say theirs arrived with a dent or two on the chassis. Thankfully, it did not seem to affect the performance of the AC.

One limitation of the Coleman Mach 15 that we've already mentioned is that you cannot use the heating feature out of the box. You'll need to buy a heat strip separately. 


Cooling capacity: 15,000 BTU

Heating capacity: 5,600 BTU

Airflow: 320 CFM

Type: Ducted

Electrical rating: 115V, 60 Hz

Weight: 90lbs

Control unit included: No

Bottom Line

Coleman Mach 15 Airxcel Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a powerful roof air conditioner that will keep your large RV cool, the Coleman Mach 15 is one of the best air conditioners.

Just keep in mind that it doesn't come with a control unit, nor does it include a heating strip.

Where to Buy the Coleman Airxcel Mach 15 RV AC 

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