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Best Portable Air Conditioners for Windowless Rooms

Many people look for a portable air conditioner to cool a room without windows.

Keep in mind that extending the current HVAC system or installing a small split unit is usually the most effective long term solution.

A portable unit comes two in main categories, evaporative coolers, and A/C units, which have a little hose that stands out.

Two Different Types of Portable Coolers

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers work nicely when the air is dry and does not have high humidity from the atmosphere.

For this reason, they're mostly utilized in arid climates such as the American South West. They operate from evaporation, like getting out of a pool on a hot day and the wind blows cooling down a person.

Water is added through pads that a fan blows air through and cools the air as it moves. If you reside in a dry arid climate, then an evaporative cooler will do the job nicely. If you live in a region with high humidity, then they do not work so well.

Another alternative is a portable air conditioner that uses a small hose to draw out hot air from a space.

While this option still needs an opening at someplace less than a large window ac unit. The hose can frequently be modified in many different strategies to allow the hot air to be pumped out of a room. By way of instance, a door could be draped with a blanket and opened slightly to allow the hot air out or the hose extending to another room with a window.

Every situation will differ depending on the climate and how the room is built to a building, so let's look at some popular portable units.

There are many great units available with a number of our favorite picks below.

As always, make sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to make sure a unit is a fantastic fit for you.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Windowless Rooms

best windowless air conditioner

The Honeywell MN12CES includes a hose to pump out hot air from a space.

The hose has a diameter of 5 inches but is flexible and can be squeezed if needed to get a broader fit in tight areas.

While this type of mobile unit does require an opening at someplace to pump out hot air, it'll work in almost any climate type.

Since it is an air conditioner unit, it'll work in any kind of climate, dry or humid.

ac unit for windowless room

BLACK + DECKER is a known manufacturer that makes many mobile A/C units.

This unit pumps out hot air from a room via a flexible 4-inch hose.

This can be ideal in many scenarios, like pumping the hot air out a doorway, in the attic, or outside any place with a small 5-6-inch opening.

If used with an open door, the blanket will be best to cover the opening while the hot air is pumped out.

windowless air conditioners

This cooling unit from SPT requires no windows or other openings.

It's an evaporative unit that works well in dry climates with little to no humidity.

If you live in a humid climate, it's ideal to look at an air conditioner style unit.

People that do live reside in a dry climate, evaporative systems, also known as swamp coolers, work well. They're also cheaper to buy and operate because no heavy compressors are used.

ac for windowless room

The Luma Comfort EC110S is just another evaporative unit.

It is more stylish than other systems and has many additional features like three-speed fan control and a programmable timer.

As with any evaporative unit, it works well in a dry climate.

windowless air conditioners

The Honeywell HL10CESWW Series is one of the most efficient and smart portable air conditioners available on the market today. It's quite reliable as it unites a 3-in-1 technology with a sleek design that complements almost any room decor.

When it comes to cooling, the Honeywell HL10CESWW Contempo Series comes with an automated wind motion that's vertically positioned to spread cool air evenly, fast, and continually.

The whole system has been designed to provide maximum comfort.

It incorporates digital controllers, a sleep mode option, three fan speeds, a digital display remote control, and a 24-hour energy-saving timer.

This product has reusable dual filters structured to provide protection against pet dander, hair, and dust from going into the unit. This feature increases product life and performance.

It includes stress-free automatic evaporation. Additionally, it has an in-built dehumidifier that eliminates around 80 pints per every 24 hours with a continuous drain option for extended durations when the system is unattended.

Another impressive feature for this particular product has a full set window kit for quick installation in vertical and horizontal windows. However, it has a maximum hose length of four feet.

cheap windowless air conditioner

The LG LP0817WSR air conditioner is among the finest windowless ACs for those moving from room to room or home to work. This unit is added to our list, not simply because of its sleek, attractive design but also because of many useful capabilities.

The auto evaporation system offers continuous air conditioning. However, it may be controlled by an integrated 24-hour on /off timer in which you can control the temperature to your own specification.

The LG LP0817WSR AC uses a normal 115-volt electrical socket allowing to perform effectively, just like other models above.

The best part of the model is the oscillating air compressor technology that ensures efficient and complete cool airflow to the point of no hot air left undetected.

Apart from just cooling rooms, around 159sq. Ft., also, it dehumidifies up to 1.8 pints of liquid per hour. Its maintenance is rather simple with the support of an indicator that informs you whenever you will need to drain water.

ac unit for windowless room

If you are looking for a small portable air conditioner to make your room cool and dry always, the Honeywell MO08CESWK AC is the ideal option. It's designed to last and provide you peace of mind whenever in operation. Additionally, it offers a powerful stream of air and works quietly with minimal distractions.

The product has a dual washable air filtration feature that protects and prolongs its life. The system also features a filter change alert for effortless maintenance.

Its motor and compressor comprise thermal overload protection to provide additional safety precautions. It includes a dehumidifier that eliminates up to 44 pints per 24 hours and a constant drain option for long periods. Also, it has a digital and remote control, two variable speed fans, and a 24-hour energy-saving timer.

Another great feature is the auto evaporation. This removes the need for a bucket to empty except in high humidity areas.

It includes an exhaust hose length of 12" to 47". For ease of installation, the item has a window bracket with a diameter of between 19.7" into 47.2".

best windowless air conditioner

Are you on the lookout for windowless AC that's worth your money? The Honeywell MN10CESWW is an excellent portable air conditioner that provides modern designs that match all room décor. It features a sleek modern design, which makes it quite appealing.

This product is very reliable, strong, and safe to use. It's a 3-in-1 appliance that provides a highly efficient cooling system, dehumidifier up to 66 pints per 24 hours with the option for constant drain, and a fan responsible for airflow in the room. Additionally, it has thermal overload protection for additional safety.

This product is simple to install and maintain. It includes a complete set window kit that enables quick installation. The hose length is four feet.

Also, its filters are washable and made to protect against dust and hair for prolonged performance and endurance.

Are All Windowless Air Conditioners Exactly the Same?

Of all eight windowless air conditioners, it is quite clear that there are both similarities and differences in each model.

However, there's a lot to consider regarding windowless air conditioner units, including dehumidification, BTUs, hose assembly, the technologies used, and the overall layout.

The BLACK + DECKER Portable AC Unit is most likely the best overall device for quick cooling, dehumidification, and consistency concerning air circulation. It is also the most affordable and easy to operate the unit.

The Honeywell HL10CESWW Contempo Series gives the same functionalities using a small improvement of auto evaporation. However, both versions pose challenges in quality management.

The Honeywell HL10CESWW Contempo Series is a perfect selection for larger rooms with a stronger visual design focus. At the same time, the LG LP0817WSR unit produces a whole lot of noise.

Most importantly, each of those reviewed windowless AC units may operate to match your situation by providing cool, comfy, and refreshing air.

Perks of Purchasing a Windowless Air Conditioner

Many advantages come with spending in a windowless A/C listed above. They include:

High Portability

Most of these units are light and compact for simple movement from one place to another.

Occupy Small Spaces

Compared to window air conditioners, these units require little space. They're also ideal for smaller apartments or studios.

Both Cool and Dehumidify the Air

The 2-in-1 feature serves as an air conditioner and dehumidifies air at precisely the same time.

Easy Installation

All you want is to identify the perfect place, then fix a drain hose, then you are done.

Energy Saving

The majority of them include thermostat and night mode settings that make sure the AC runs only when required.

How to Pick a Windowless Air Conditioner

Before you purchase a windowless AC, there are certain standards you will need to consider. Below are a few of the things that can enable you to determine which sort of model suits your requirements accordingly.

Cooling Capacity


This is the main point to consider if you need to obtain a windowless AC as it is the framework that regulates the efficiency of air conditioning. The cooling power of an AC is measured in BTU's (British Thermal Unit).

The power needed will vary depending not only on the size of this space to be refrigerated but also on additional attributes built-in your house, including insulation, sunshine, numbers of openings, and kind of ceiling.

Your first task is to gauge the size of your room to establish the quantity of BTUs essential to your space.

Energy Consumption

This is another crucial point because the windowless AC is an electric device that works by consuming plenty of energy. We suggest that you find a version that has the least energy usage rate.

Therefore, start looking for models with an "Energy Star" rating logo or higher energy efficiency ratio. Usually, a unit with a lower EER score of five is definitely consuming more energy than a higher score of 10, that's more energy-efficient.

Remember to choose a model that's adapted to the size of this space to be chilled because it will absorb efficient energy by producing only the needed amount of cooling experience.

Noise Level

The sound level of your air conditioner is a factor to consider because nobody needs a unit generating plenty of noise.

Guided Noise level ranges are between 55-70 dB for any AC. Above that, the sound might be irritating and upsetting to your eardrums. But some windowless air conditioners include a silent or nighttime feature, which allows you to enjoy a quiet and cool atmosphere.

Dehumidifier Feature

In some versions in our listing, the windowless air conditioner functions as a dehumidifier, eliminating moisture from the surrounding air, giving freshness to the air.

The dehumidifier capacity is quantified in liters per hour.

Not all units have this feature built-in, so it depends upon whether you will need an air purification feature on your windowless AC.


Having a model with a thermostat feature lets you run your AC for a chosen period. Generally, a windowless AC with an integrated thermostat feature automatically turns off when the wanted temperature is reached.

This feature is beneficial as you can control energy usage and prevent premature wear on those versions without.


It is important to consider all of the things which will guide you in choosing the most effective windowless ACs in the marketplace. Therefore, not all the above will fit your requirements, evaluate your room requirements, and have a budget.

To conclude, when picking your aspired windowless air conditioner, find one that's worth your money concerning performance and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Windowless Air Conditioner?

A windowless A/C is an air conditioner that doesn't require a window for setup. Its installation kit can support its own weight. Thus, it can be mounted onto a wall directly. So, you don't have to have a window in your area to install it whatsoever.

How Does a Windowless Air Conditioner Work?

Windowless Air conditioners replace the hot air within a room with cold air. They draw the air from the surroundings and cool it down to the temperature you would like. Then they redirect the air back to your own room, and the hot air passes out through the outside unit.

What Size Space Can a Windowless Air Conditioner Cool?

These windowless units can cool a variety of rooms based on their sizes. For a 400 square feet rooms, you'll require a 12,000 BTU air conditioner. But, for smaller rooms such as those around 250 square feet, a 6,000 BTU air conditioner will operate well.

How to Set up a Windowless Air Conditioner?

To set up a windowless air conditioner, you need to follow these basic steps.

1. Unpack the windowless AC unit and place it in the desired position.

2. Then, you must assess the width of the ventilation hose of the air conditioner.

3. As soon as you've taken this measurement, cut the necessary piece of plastic or glass from the window. And add the hose in it.

4. Now join the other side of the hose into your air conditioner, and you're ready to go.

How to Drain Water From a Windowless A/C?

To drain water out of a windowless air conditioner, you need to follow this process.

1. Find the drainage outlet at the bottom of this windowless air conditioner unit.

2. Now, put a small container below the drainage outlet and pull the plug.

3. Let all of the water drains out to the container and dry the outlet valve using a soft cloth.

4. Reinsert the drainage outlet as soon as you've dried off it completely.

Are Windowless Air Conditioners Good?

Yes, they are perfect AC units based upon your situation. The majority of them are portable, and you can easily move them around from a room to another as you desire.

How Does a Windowless Air Conditioner Work?

Windowless air conditioners operate with the support of three major components: a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. The cooling effect begins when warm air enters the compressor in a gas form. Finally, gas pressure increases, which compels itself into the condenser.

Once there, the gas cools significantly and goes out from the condenser as a liquid. In the evaporator, the liquid converts to gas and takes in heat from the air releasing chilled air into the surrounding. This method continues with the operation of the thermostat.

How to Drain Water from a Windowless Air Conditioner?

Here are the steps:

1. Find a drain bucket or transfer the device close to a sink.

2. Find the drain plug on the side or rear of the unit.

3. Drain the water by eliminating the drain plug and stopper.

However, when the drain plug is removed, don't forget to prepare the drainage for continuous drainage.

4. Measure the drain vent mouth and find a hose of precise width to ensure a water-tight fit.

5. Place your drain hose in the appropriate position (downhill) for this to work.

6. Note that to maintain continuous drainage, gravity needs to apply.