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Best Filterless Air Purifiers: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Shopping for a Filterless Air Purifier?

You’re at the right place!

If you are fed up with buying and changing filters every other day but still want an air purifier to get rid of the unpleasant tobacco, pet, or other foul odors in your house, a filterless air purifier is what you need.

As the name suggests, filterless air purifiers operate without any filters. Instead, they use various innovative technologies to eliminate different contaminants from the air.

And fret not, just because these purifiers are filterless doesn't mean the air quality around you will be compromised. They work just as the regular purifiers do, just without the hassle of constantly having to change filters

Why Do You Need a Filterless Air Purifier?

If you are too busy or even lazy - don’t worry, we aren’t judgemental - to regularly clean, wash, and replace air purifier filters, a filterless air purifier is the answer to all your troubles.

It requires almost zero maintenance, does an incredible job of purifying and sanitizing your air, and ensures clean and fresh air.

And if you hate the loud buzzing of an air purifier, too, then you are in luck because these are ridiculously quiet too - some are completely noiseless!

So you can get a good night’s sleep or work peacefully during the day and enjoy the fresh and crisp air around you.

What's In This Buying Guide

To help you make your environment healthier and more pleasant, we honestly review some of the most incredible filterless air purifiers available today.

Then, we outline all the features you should look for before buying a filterless air purifier.

In the end, we answer some commonly asked questions to clear up any additional queries.

Best Filterless Air Purifiers

no filter air purifiers
  • Air Oasis 1000G3

  • Best Overall
  • Coverage Area
    300 sq. ft.

  • Noise Level
    30 dB

  • Power

  • Warranty

no filter air purifiers
  • Ivation Ionizer

  • Best for Large Spaces
  • Coverage Area
    3500 sq. ft.

  • Noise Level
    10 dB

  • Power

  • Warranty
    1 year

filterless air purifiers
  • Airfree Filterless P3000

  • Quietest Filterless
  • Coverage Area
    650 sq. ft.

  • Noise Level
    0 dB

  • Power

  • Warranty
    2 year

no filter air purifiers
  • Airfree T800

  • Smallest Filterless
  • Coverage Area
    180 sq. ft.

  • Noise Level
    0 dB

  • Power

  • Warranty
    2 year

1. Best Overall: Air Oasis 1000G3

filterless air purifier

Looking for a mid-priced air purifier with premium quality and a highly advanced and efficient purification mechanism?

Well, the Air Oasis 1000G3 is your answer.

Its NASA-enhanced AHPCO technology, UV bulb, and ionization technology ensure that your room is free from odors and get rid of up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, VOCs, etc.


  • Rather sleek and modern look
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Targets and kills pathogens like mold, viruses, and bacteria
  • Can clean the air and surfaces
  • Reduces odors, VOCs, and airborne allergens up to 99%


  • Is not ideal for smoke particles
  • Doesn’t have additional features like a timer or auto mode

Our Review

The Air Oasis 1000G3 Air Purifier is a portable and UV ionic surface purifier and is the first filterless air purifier to integrate the PCO technology by NASA.

 Air Oasis upgraded and modified the technology a little to adapt to their purposes and introduced its exclusive AHPCO nanotechnology.

This innovative technology is much more efficient than HEPA filters at eliminating contaminants and doesn’t even require as much maintenance. You can trust it to get rid of almost all odor-causing particles.

Although the 1000G3 is primarily an air purifier, it goes beyond that. It doesn’t only push indoor air into the filter and spread it across the room; it also produces and circulates safe catalytic molecules throughout the room that purify not just the air but also the surfaces.

Its relatively petite size is also travel-friendly and lightweight, as it doesn’t require any extra housing setup for a filter. The exterior has an elegant and contemporary look due to the anodized brushed aluminum & polymers. 

Even though the 1000G3 promises great performance, it works very quietly - almost whisper-like - at only 30 dB. So, you can enjoy a calm day or a peaceful night without the constant and noticeable buzz.

The Air Oasis air purifier doesn’t even cause your electricity bill to spike up, as it consumes just 15 watts per hour. Plus, you can use it for months without maintaining it.

The 1000G3 is equipped with 3 powerful stages and technologies.

The AHPCO is an enhanced and soon-to-be-patented advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation with germicidal UVC. The AHPCO converts water vapors into ions with decontaminating capabilities.

Next, the vast spectrum of UV light produces oxidizers that can neutralize up to 99% of pathogens like bacteria, mold, H1N1, viruses, VOCs, etc. But remember, you need to change this bulb every two years, which costs approximately $90.

Oxidizers that remain are reverted into safe hydrogen and oxygen. Bipolar ionization also takes place that spreads countless ions into the surrounding air and deconstructs particles right down to their molecules.

You can also expect the 1000G3 to fight mold and provide relief from mold symptoms like coughing, pulmonary edema, COPD, etc.

Studies show that ozone emitted by air purifiers may end up creating more toxic particles like formaldehyde and ultrafine particles. To counter this, the ozone output of the Air Oasis 1000G3 is almost negligible and is less than 0.05 PPM (EPA standard).

The best part is that you get all these features and top-notch quality at a very reasonable price and with a lifetime warranty.


Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 14.5 inches

Item Weight: 3.08 pounds

Coverage Area: 300 sq. ft.

Ozone Free: Negligible 0.05 PPM (parts per million)

Power Consumption: 15 watts

Odor Absorbing: Yes

Noise Level: 30 dB

2. Best for Large Spaces: Ivation Ionizer

air purifier no filter

Experience the fresh, clean air that nature provides with the Ivation Ionizer as it fills up a room of up to 3500 sq. ft. with ozone and gets rid of any odorant particles.

It is equipped with a lot of great features like controllable dials for ionization fan speed and ozone production. Plus, the tray that holds all harmful particles is washable, which is pretty convenient.

Plus, the beautiful red cherry design is a bonus and gives an amazing aesthetic vibe.


  • Coverage area of 3500 sq. ft.
  • Ceramic collection plate collects harmful substances and is easy to clean
  • Can kill airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, etc.
  • Adjustable speed for the ionizer fan
  • The solid cherry wood design looks good with different decors


  • Cleans the air of cigarette smoke and smell but doesn’t absorb it, so it goes into your walls
  • The ozone may not suit everyone and might pose some health risks

Our Review

One of the most distinguishing features of this Ivation ionizer air purifier is its massive coverage area of 3500 sq. ft.

You can expect it to remove any odors, pollutants, pathogens like bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, gases, tobacco smoke, paint smell, and much more.

It can relieve seasonal allergies symptoms as well, and users report that keeping it on for one day helped them sleep better and provided relief from symptoms like dry and itchy throat.

The Ivation ionizer has an O3 control dial that produces ozone to keep the air smelling fresh and safe. It also produces negative ions that, according to studies, trigger the production of serotonin in our brains. This helps alleviate depression symptoms and puts us in a better mood.

The ionizer fan speed is also variable and adjustable because of a rotating dial. This way, you can experiment with the air filtering power till you decide which one you like.

We recommend that you run the Ivation ionizer on the highest settings for the first 24 hours. This will purify the air sufficiently and adequately. After that, you can just run it at one-quarter of its maximum setting for day-to-day use and get good results.

The Ivation filterless air purifier is also equipped with washable ceramic collection plates that collect the harmful substances present in your air.

Washing them makes sure that the unit’s quality and efficiency aren’t compromised as it becomes contaminated with the very substances and particles it has to remove.

Although optics and visual appeal are barely reasons to buy a filterless air purifier, who doesn’t love it when a high-functioning purifier looks good too?

The cherry wood exterior and stainless steel construction give it a very distinct look that can amp up the look of any room you place it in!


Cabinet Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 12 lbs.

Ozone Output: 360 mg/hr

Exterior Material: Cherry Wood

Measures: 12.5” x 11” x 15”

Max Coverage: 3500 sq. ft.

3. Quietest Filterless: Airfree Filterless P3000

filterless air purifiers

If the constant humming of an air purifier puts you off, then you should check out the Airfree Filterless P3000. It is extremely quiet (makes 0 dB of noise) and removes dust, pathogens, and chemical and organic allergens from your room.

It also has a great exterior with 9 lighting options, including a night light. Plus, its compact and lightweight design makes the P3000 great for traveling too.

The P3000 filterless air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Makes no noise at all
  • Reduces ozone in the indoor air, making it more healthy
  • Can essentially kill all kinds of pathogens
  • Equipped with a tilt sensor and a nightlight
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Not Energy Star certified
  • Produces heat when functioning

Our Review

The P3000 filterless purifier from Airfree uses the company’s patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology to purify the air. It can cater to rooms up to 650 square feet.

It uses thermal energy (heat as high as 400 °F) to kill pathogens or chemicals that may cause allergies like mold spores, mites, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and even ozone.

In fact, users report that the P3000 significantly eliminates the need for dusting. It achieves all this very safely without using any harmful products or harsh chemicals like harmful UV light, ions, or ozone. More than that, it deals with 99.99% of air contaminants.

Another great thing about the Airfree Filterless P3000 is that it produces 0 dB of noise. That’s because it doesn’t use a fan, which usually is responsible for making noise.

This unit is manufactured in Europe and meets the ISO 17025 requirements, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

The P3000 also comes with an elegant exterior that compliments any and every bedroom decor. It has a shiny black body with a vent at the top and comes with 9 lighting options. Of course, you can choose to turn the light off as well. Its non-obtrusive design helps it fit anywhere easily.

You will also find it ideal for travel due to its convenient dimensions and low weight of only 3.1 pounds.

Like other Airfree products, this one is also environmentally friendly. And it comes with a 2-year warranty.


Coverage Area: 650 sq. ft.

Electricity Consumption: 52W

Weight: 3.1 lbs

Particle Removal Rate: 99.99%

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 10.4 inches

Filtration Technology Used: Thermodynamic TSS (heat sterilization)

Power Source: 120 Volts

Noise Level: 0 dba

4. Smallest Filterless: Airfree T800

best no filter air purifier

Want an air purifier for small spaces like your study room or office? Check out the Airfree T800. It is designed for rooms up to 180 sq. ft. and comes with the standard features included in all Airfree air purifiers.

The T800 has the patent TSS technology that removes organic and chemical allergens from the air and a compact design that goes with any room décor. It is also super quiet and doesn’t emit any toxic or harmful substances.


  • Efficient filtration process that doesn’t leave behind a mess to clean
  • Features silent operation
  • Power consumption is really low (only 42W)
  • Compact and lightweight; easy to move around
  • Ideal for study rooms and offices


  • Produces a bit of heat so keep it a little away from furniture
  • Evident plastic smell when you use it the first time

Our Review

Despite its small size, the T800 comes with many great features.

Like other Airfree air purifiers, the T800 is also equipped with the TSS technology that serves as a strong line of offense against pollen, bacteria, virus, mold, and organic allergens.

It helps reduce ozone levels and gets rid of dog and cat dander, spores, and other toxins to help people with allergies. It is great for asthma patients, as well.  

The purification process of this air purifier is very safe and extremely quiet. It doesn’t emit any harmful products like ions or ultraviolet light.

Due to the petite size of the device and its small coverage area, it doesn’t require a lot of power to function (only 42W), so you will not see an alarming hike in your electricity bill. This is also because the unit doesn’t use any filters or fans that may require additional power.

Lastly, as you would expect from an Airfree purifier, the T800 is also manufactured in Europe and comes with a 2-year warranty.


Capacity: 180 sq. ft.

Power consumption: 42W

Noise Level: 0 dB

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 14 inches

Warranty: 2 years

Highest temperature for TSS: close to 400 °F

Filterless Air Purifier: Buying Guide

What Is a Filterless Air Purifier - and How Does It Work?

best no filter air purifier

As the name suggests, a filterless purifier is an air purifier that purifies the indoor air from allergens, contaminants, or pollutants without using a filter.

Filterless air purifiers usually work with a simple phenomenon based on basic physics to remove unwanted particles from the air.

Generally, contaminants and pollutants exist as positively charged ions in the air. Ionizers or filterless air purifiers constantly pump negatively charged ions or anions in the air that attract positively charged pollutants and form an ionic bond with them.

Gradually, this bond becomes so large and heavy that it cannot stay airborne in the air and falls down due to its weight. In some cases, like the Ivation Ionizer, a ceramic plate or an electrostatic plate may collect these.

The purifier continues to provide a steady stream of anions until the air is free of allergens or contaminants and is negatively charged. This creates a healthy, fresh and safe environment for you to breathe in.

Some products may use ozone to purify the air further as it kills mold, gets rid of mold, pungent smells, and breaks down many VOCs.

But you should use an ozone generator with caution. It needs proper ventilation and should be in low concentration. In fact, it’s better to turn an ozone generator on when the room is empty. Many motels actually use ozone generators to purify their rooms.

Some filterless air purifiers also use thermal energy or heat (like Airfree air purifiers) to purify the air. They use heat to incinerate organic or chemical allergens and clean the air without emitting any harmful substances like UV light, ozone, negative ions, etc.

Why Buy a Filterless Air Purifier?

An air purifier with a filter inarguably does an impeccable job of cleaning the air, but the hassle of maintaining it and keeping the filters clean or replacing them can be quite a lot.

Not to mention the high cost of buying replacement filters.

A filterless air purifier helps achieve a decent, and in some ways, better air quality without the hassle of washing and replacing the filter.

Plus, filterless air purifiers are generally quieter than their filtered counterparts and require relatively less maintenance - even once in a few years is fine.

And if you are looking to sanitize your air and keep it clean from pathogens and airborne microorganisms, a filterless air purifier is a good option. This is because it generally features an ionizer that releases negative ions with germicidal capabilities.

What to Look for in a Filterless Air Purifier

filterless air purifier

Given the plethora of filterless air purifiers in the market, it can be difficult to choose one product.

To help you pick the right filterless air purifier, here’s what you need to look out for:

Air Purification Technology

First, decide which mechanism or air purification technology is right for you.

Ionizers pump negative ions (and sometimes positive) in the air to clean it.

Some use ozone to kill pathogens, while others use heat.

Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) is another method that uses UV rays to kill microbes and chemically change particles.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to air purification technology - it all just comes down to your preference.

For example, if you are not keen on buying ozone or UV air purifiers because of health risks, you opt for ionizer or thermal-based options.

Similarly, if you have kids or pets around then, it’s best to avoid filterless air purifiers that use heat.

Particle Removal Capacity

A filter-free air purifier has a certain capacity or rate at which it removes particles from the room.

For example, the particle removal rate of the Air Oasis 1000G3 is 99%. The ozone output from the Ivation ionizer is 360 mg/hr, while the Airfree P3000 removes 26% of ozone from a room.

Despite being expressed in different terms, all of these are a measure of the unit’s efficiency.

We recommend getting a unit with a 99% rate or something with an equally efficient rating.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of filterless air purifiers varies largely and depends solely on your requirement and preference.

Small air purifiers like the Airfree T800 are great for study rooms or offices up to 180 square feet, while larger models like the Ivation Ionizer are great for large living rooms or master bedrooms up to 3500 square feet.

To determine the right coverage area, figure out where you want to place your air purifier and what use you expect out of it.

Modes of Operation

Most filterless air purifiers feature 3 modes of operation: high, medium, and low. These represent the different fan speeds at which units pull in the air.

You may use your intuition to choose the right speed. However, when it comes to ozone generators, we insist that you refer to the instruction manual.

Noise Level

While no filter air purifiers are generally not too loud, their noise levels can vary.

If your unit doesn’t feature a fan like the Airfree T800 and P3000, then it may be virtually silent.

In other cases, a low humming sound ranging from 10 to 40 dB may be present.

Build Quality & Aesthetics

filter free air purifier

Since you will place the air purifier in your bedroom or living room, how they look, their aesthetic appeal, and build quality are important factors to consider.

Most units are either black or white and blend well with any furniture.

The two products that stand out the most in this regard are the Ivation Ionizer with its cherry wood exterior and the Airfree P3000 with its black exterior and 9 lighting options.


A quality filterless air purifier can cost anywhere between $80 and $250.

The higher you are willing to pay, the more coverage area you get with better particle removal capacity and additional features like a nightlight or adjustable controls.


Knowing the use, you expect to get out of your air purifier filterless can help you find the best option.

In which part of the house are you going to place it? What are you looking to target specifically?

While ozone generators and air purifiers that use heat are good for killing microbes, ionizers are the best option if you want to remove odors and pollutants.


The warranty of a filterless purifier can last up to a lifetime, while some brands may not offer it at all.

We advise that you get a product with at least a one-year warranty.

Pros and Cons: Filterless Air Purifiers

Below, we highlight both the pros and cons of an air purifier without filters so that you make a well-informed purchase.


Filterless air purifiers are very hassle-free, as they don’t have any filters that you have to clean or replace. They typically require maintenance only once every few years. Their low maintenance greatly reduces the cost attached with air purifiers, as filters can be pretty expensive.

Filterless air purifiers target microbes better and are more efficient in killing them. Plus, they are equally good for both large and small spaces.

No filter air purifiers are quieter than air purifiers with a filter. They only make a soft humming sound or, in some cases, no sound at all. This is generally due to the absence of fans in these units.

Another great thing about filter-free air purifiers is that they don’t consume a lot of power, so they don’t add too much to your electricity bill.


If the air inside your home is contaminated with VOCs, dust, or pet dander, it’s best to go for a filter air purifier. While filterless air purifiers can deal with these contaminants too, they are not as efficient as their filter counterparts.

Plus, because of the lack of a filter, a filterless air purifier cannot catch by-products produced as a result of operations like ozone. As a result, the by-products escape in the air and pose a health risk for people with asthma.

Care and Maintenance: Filterless Air Purifiers

no filter air purifiers

One of the most defining features of a filterless air purifier is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance because of the absence of filters. So, there is nothing that needs to be replaced or cleaned very regularly.

However, if your device has an electrostatic or a ceramic plate, then make sure you clean it frequently to keep your device functioning well for a long time.

You can also dust the grille exterior with a lint-free and dry, clean cloth to keep the purifier clean and presentable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UV-C light in filterless air purifiers have adverse effects on humans?

While UV light can effectively kill microbes and mold spores, prolonged exposure may be detrimental to human health. But, if you control its concentration and exposure, you can benefit from its sanitization abilities without putting yourself at risk. 

How durable is a filterless air purifier?

This depends on the quality of the air purifier you buy, but a product's warranty can be a good indicator of its life. Air purifiers with a lifelong warranty can last you for even more than 10 years if you maintain them properly.

Generally, an average unit should last for at least 2-4 years before running into issues.

Can filterless air purifiers help with cigarette smoke and pet odors?

Yes, they can! Filterless purifiers produce negative ions or ozone, instilling a fresh smell in your room and battling all foul odors lingering in the air.

Can my ionization-based purifier terminate germs?

An ionizer can not only kill bacteria but also radically reduce its bactericidal effect. It traps viruses and bacteria, creates an ionic bond with them, and then eventually kills them off.

Final Verdict: What is the best filterless air purifier sold today?

We believe that the Ivation Ionizer is the best filterless air purifier for a number of reasons.

It has many features like ozone generation, powerful ion energy, and a coverage area of 3500 sq. ft. Plus, it has a beautiful cherry wood exterior.

You can use it in any room, big or small, and it can cater to different kinds of particles like odors, allergens, etc. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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