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5 Ways a Portable Ice Maker Can Improve Your Camping Trip

When you’re heading on a camping trip with friends or family, it is easy to forget the difference between appliances considered extremely necessary for the trip and those you can live without.

Many first time campers ignore the need for kitchen equipment and accessories because they expect the world out there to be just as welcoming to them as their own kitchen.

However, once you step outside for a camping trip, you have to recognize and accept that there are some major lifestyle changes we aren’t ready to make.

Regardless of how we feel and what we do right now, one thing is for sure that a good ol’ bottle of cold beer tastes a lot better when you drink it seated next to Mother Nature.

But, the question arises, how do you get ice for a good cold glassof beer? Ice is necessary for enjoying a glassof beer, which is why you should stack up on it at all hours.

Obviously, you cannot carry a bucket of ice with you on your camping trip, which is why it is necessary that you carry a portable ice maker.

Portable ice makers first originated as a luxury that only nightclubs and bars could afford. However, this luxury has become even more convenient and affordable today.

Some of the more recent portable ice makers in the market can help you get convenient ice cubes in no time from the machine.

If you are a first-time camper and are looking for ways to improve your trip, then a portable ice maker is just what you need for making your trip a lot easier.

In this article we shine light on and look at some of the ways your trip can be improved through a portable ice maker.

Limited Space

Almost all ice makers going out these days are either expansive in size, or come with a giant storing size.

Carrying such ice makers on your camping trip is quite taxing, as you have to not only fit the excess luggage somewhere, but also have to make sure that the device isn’t hard to carry. An ice solution that is too large to carry can become a hassle down the line.

Just like a portable air conditioner, portableice makers offer an amazing solution as they come with a convenient size that is easy to place inside any RV. Additionally, you can also carry the ice maker with you, as you head to the camping spot you have in mind.

Newer portable ice maker models come with a convenient handle that can make portability even easier for you. You will find it easy to carry these models along with you, as you head out into Mother Nature.

They Make Ice Fast

The average ice maker in the market can produce cubes of ice in as little as 10 minutes. The ice cubes are of equal size and will greatly enhance the quality and taste of whatever you are drinking.

When you are on a camping trip, you want things to be available on the go. No one has the time or effort to waste filling ice trays and then waiting for them to turn into ice.

Portable ice makers speed up the process and make sure that you have the right quantity of ice in your hands within a matter of minutes. 10 minutes is what it takes for an ice maker to produce a fresh batch of ice after being plugged into a socket.

No Drainage Line Required

Previousstand-alone ice maker models required a drainage line to carry water from wasted ice cubes outside the machine. The newer portable ice maker models significantly improve and automate this process by using the recycled water from melted ice to turn it into more ice cubes when you need a fresh batch.

This ensures that you don’t need an extensive drainage line to dispose water from your ice maker into a separate area. There is no disposal of water to be concerned about with portable ice makers, as they carry their own efficient system.

Also, portable ice makers do not require a permanent water line, as you can fill up water based on the batches you require. Ice makers that require a permanent line are a hassle to carry and operate in the wild.

They Make and Store a Lot More Ice

With the compact size of portable ice makers, many consumers are forced to think that these models aren’t really effective in producing and storing the right amount of size.

A decent portable ice maker can produce an amazing quantity of 35 lbs ice in a period of 24 hours. The storage capacity is pretty large as well, since the ice maker can store 3 lbs in one go.

You can have as many cold ones as you want during your camping trip, but you won’t have to worry about running out of ice.

Very Easy to Use

The last thing you need on your camping trip is an ice maker that comes with a complex usage method. You would want your camping trip to be spent admiring nature, and not trying to figure out how to make your ice maker work.

Portable ice makers require a limited amount of your time and are extremely easy to operate. Once you start operating them, you will understand just how simple and easy the procedure can be.

Even if you forget to empty the excess, unused ice from the system, you wouldn’t have to worry about problems in the system, because a portable ice maker knows how to recycle excess ice cubes.

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