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Bed with cooling mattress

5 Reasons You Need a Bed Cooling System This Summer

For years humans have evolved, and so have our needs. Gone are the days when food, clothing and shelter used to be the only necessities or basic needs for humans. There is a new addition to this list; sleep.

A good night’s sleep is necessary for every working man or woman in this age. Without proper sleep our minds cannot function properly and we are unable to remain focused at work.

Besides helping us remain focused, a good night’s sleep also helps us plan for the day and stick to our plans. You wouldn’t need to back out of the late evening reunion with college friends, if you have had a good night’s sleep the night before.

Talking about sleep, one of the most important factors affecting sleep is the temperature in your bed. A cooler body temperature plays its part in inducing sleep faster and helping us sleep in a better manner.

A recent study from SleepRate predicted that 33 percent of all Americans have trouble sleeping during warmer weather.

Humans need a generally cooler body temperature to sleep peacefully, as 70 percent of all people surveyed in a recent study mentioned that they are unable to sleep well in higher temperatures.

There are several methods you can follow for keeping your body temperature cool during the summer season.

Besides lowering the thermostat temperature and keeping the windows open during the evening, you can also invest in a cooling system to keep your body and mind at peace during the night.

Here we study some of the reasons why you need a bed cooling system to make peaceful sleep a possibility this summer.

Helps Manage Night Sweats

Night sweats are particularly uncomfortable and distracting. About 75 percent of all women going through peri menopause and menopause experience night sweat.

Also, 35 percent of all pregnant women also experience this conundrum. Men who have slightly lower levels of testosterone can also sweat profoundly during the night time.

If you have trouble sleeping well in summer nights because of excessive sweating, then a bed cooling system is the right way to proceed forward.

Just have this system installed in your bed and enjoy a cool night’s sleep. Complement the bed cooling system with dietary changes to signal a complete reduction in night sweat. Stop your intake of alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods, as they can all lead to sweating during night hours.

Doesn’t Retain Heat

Ordinary mattresses use conventional foam inside of them, which is why they are prone to accumulate and retain heat. When you sweat on a conventional surface the moisture from your sweat remains on top of the surface and can create a sticky feeling of discomfort.

On the other hand, a cooling system wouldn’t just disperse heat from the mattress, but will make sure that the mattress is naturally cool and relaxing. Gel particles are used inside the foam cell structure for these mattresses to make sure that the cooling lasts and that the heat doesn’t take over.

A mattress with a cooling system actively generates its own cooling, while dissipating the trapped heat to make sure that there is no heat present inside of the system.

Can Help With Weight Loss

Summers are here and this is when most people start gaining weight. However, you would be surprised to know that you can stop this process of weight gain by investing in a bed cooling system this season.

Studies conducted on this topic have found that sleeping cool can improve your rate of metabolism. This is done by increasing the production and quantity of brown fat present inside your body.

Brown fat is considered to be a good source of fat, as it burns calories present within your body and manages insulin sensitivity. You can properly maintain your body temperature by using a cooling mattress.

Many people in today’s world are concerned about weight gain and their generally sedentary lifestyle. It would be nothing short of a blessing for such people to lose weight while sleeping on a cooling system bed.

There are numerous other benefits of giving your metabolism a boost, and you will enjoy all of them by sleeping in a bed cooling system.

Superior Comfort

Comfort is perhaps one of the major reasons in favor of getting a bed cooling system. As we have already discussed in detail above, comfort is one of the many things lacking from your sleep during the summer season. Higher temperatures can steal your comfort and leave you high and dry.

The best way out of this conundrum is to have a bed cooling system for peaceful sleep. Once the temperature drops, you will be able to doze off in peace.

Nothing from the rising temperature to the stickiness of your sweat will be bothering you anymore. Bed cooling systems come for different weights, sleep positions and sizes, which is why there is a solution for everyone here.

Long Lasting

The common presumption in the market is that bed cooling systems don’t happen to be long lasting. This assumption is fueled more by rumors than actual facts.

If you want an actual long lasting system that can help you sleep well at night, then a bed cooling system is your solution.

Most new bed cooling systems come with innovative technology ingrained within the bed and mattress to help you sleep peacefully. The technology is trusted and can help you sleep peacefully for 5 or 6 years to come.

Other ways to keep yourself cool during the summers include taking a tepid shower before bed time and wearing lightweight clothes in bed.

Also, some people freeze their pillow covers before sleeping on them, but the efficacy of these methods is limited.

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