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A carbon water filter at home

5 Never-Heard-Before Things to Consider When Buying Water Filters

Just like many other homeowners, are you also concerned about the quality of drinking water at your house? Many recent researchers and studies have shed light on how the drinking water at your house may be host to many impurities.

These impurities can come in the form of different chemicals, pathogens and heavy metals. Once these impurities enter your body, you are left with a weakened immune system that isn’t well equipped to fight illnesses and ailments.

If this thought has been troubling you for quite some time now, then it is time you get your hands on a new and refined water filter. A water filter helps clean the water at your house, and quashes all impurities for good.

Once you hand over your health in the capable hands of a water filter, you will realize that you have plenty of options available. The market is currently inundated with new and innovative models of water filters meant to make the cleaning process even smoother and more effective.

With so many options to choose from, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and filters on offer. The prospect of buying a good filter system can be overwhelming, which is why we make the process simpler and mention some of the things you should consider when buying a water filter.

1.   Removal of Contamination

The first thing you need to consider while buying your filter is the process it follows for removing and getting rid of contaminants. Tap water isn’t safe from contaminants and impurities, which is why this job rests on the shoulders of your water filtration system.

The water coming inside your home might be host to different impurities, which can have a negative impact on your health. All biological impurities like cysts, bacteria and other micro parasites can easily make their way into your body through impure water.

Several studies in this regard have also proven that tap water may contain chemical pollutants that are harmful for your body and can lead to high cholesterol, hormone suppression and obesity. Tap water can also contain carcinogenic heavy metals such as lead and arsenic in it.

Before you get a filter, you will have to get the tap water coming to your house tested at a lab. The lab results will show the number of contaminants present within the water. Some filters just remove 25 contaminants, while other newer models can remove all 60 contaminants. This is a key decision and should be taken over due time.

2.   Filtration Rate

Not many people care about the filtration rate when buying their water filters. However, a wise buyer would want to consider all important aspects of the product they buy, and this really is one important aspect of it.

The maximum filtration rate is the total amount of filtered water that can be produced by a water filter in a day. So, if you consume more water than a filter can clean during a day, then that particular filter isn’t meant for your use.

The variety available in the market can work to your favor here, as there are plenty of options available with all kinds of filtration rates. Avoid buying filters that can clean a lot more water than you want cleaned. Water filters with higher filtration rates can be expensive, and you don’t want to be spending more on a filter that isn’t fully utilized.

3.   Quality of Water

A good filter does not just remove the contaminants present inside water, but also helps improve the overall quality of it. This will include getting rid of pungent smells and foul taste. The filter should also help maintain the right pH, while making sure that the water carries minerals considered healthy for you.

Certain filters in the market come equipped with re-mineralization techniques, where the minerals are added back into the water once it is cleansed and purified. Filters with reverse osmosis functions are also convenient, but they usually end up taking the minerals away from the water as well, which is why they aren’t recommended.

If the water in your home does not contain extremely harmful contaminants, then you can go for active carbon filters that help preserve minerals inside the water. Do know that there is more to water than just purifying it. It should taste good, smell good and should have all essential minerals.

4.   Installation and Operating Cost

Your budget will be a significant factor in influencing the filter you end up buying. The cost of a filter is usually determined by the filtration rate, the number of stages in place for processing water, the storage capacity of the water and much more. For instance, a filter with re-mineralization capabilities will cost you a lot more than another average filter.

Besides the purchasing amount, you should also consider the amount for installing and operating the filter. Do not spend your hard earned money on a filter that requires high maintenance and installation costs. Study the filters in the market carefully and know the energy consumption of filters before buying them.

5.   Ease in Maintenance

The cartridges present inside water filtration systems should be replaced every once in a while. You should carefully examine the guide that comes with your filter to determine how frequently you should change the cartridges.

Filters that require frequent cartridge replacements should be avoided, as they happen to be costly and difficult to maintain.

Depending on their model, water filtration systems have different requirements. Some require your time and expenses, while others are pretty easy to manage. You can read up about maintenance of water filters and air purifiers through online customer reviews and guidelines.

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