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Portable air conditioner

5 Benefits of a Portable AC Over Window & Central Air Conditioners

With summers almost upon us, most people in regions with higher temperatures rely on their air conditioning unit to keep them cool and comfortable inside their houses. Since temperatures outside are too hot to handle, every homeowner wants to create a convenient and comfortable environment in their house.

There are a number of options present in the market if you are looking to improve the temperature of your house. While central air conditioners are more prominently used by homeowners, the new trend toward portable air conditioners is also working well for many homeowners.

In this article we shed some light on the benefits of a portable air conditioner over a window AC or a central air conditioning system. While both units happen to vary in size and the cooling that they provide, they follow the same method of cooling. Regardless of whether you have a portable air conditioner or a window air conditioning unit, both the systems take input in the form of gas, then convert it into liquid form, before converting it back into gas to send waves of cool air.

Essentially, an air conditioning unit utilizes different chemicals known as refrigerants. These liquid substances work with the compressor present inside the air conditioner to provide cool air in the room outside.

With summers almost upon us, homeowners are looking for ways to maintain the temperature inside their houses. In this article we mention some of the ways a portable AC is better than other window air conditioning units. After reading this article we hope you will be better equipped to buy the right cooling device for your home.

Some of the benefits of a portable AC over window air conditioning units include:

No Restrictions

Many apartment buildings, flats and housing authorities in most cities come with ordinances and regulations that do not allow the construction of window air conditioners or central air conditioning systems.

If you live in such a neighborhood or housing vicinity, then it will serve you best to get a portable air conditioner for your house. A portable air conditioner does not protrude from the inside of your house, and as the name suggests it is easy to move around.

Since it is not generally invasive and can easily fit inside any room or apartment, no rental owner or apartment corporation will have any problems with it. You can also benefit from the portable nature of the air conditioner to move it around from room to room. The movement phase does not have to be hard on you, as the AC does not weigh much.

Perfect for Small Spaces

With a rise in smaller living spaces, many people nowadays are going for compact appliances and electronics. Such compact appliances do not only serve the purpose they are meant to serve, but they also help save space that would have otherwise gone to waste.

If you live in a one bedroom apartment or in a studio apartment, it would serve you best to have a portable air conditioner in your living area. No installation process is required, as you can set up your air conditioner without any elongated processes.

Window air conditioning units can take up a major part of your windows, covering the natural light that is coming inside your house. Once this natural light is covered, you don’t have any other option but to live with the lighting fixtures in your house.

With portable air conditioners you get to save and preserve the natural light coming into your house and also get to save space while enjoying flawless cooling.

Cost Saving

Portable air conditioners are a favorite among many people because of economic reasons as well. These air conditioners can provide you the cooling you crave and deserve inside your house, without the towering costs of window air conditioners or even more, central air conditioning systems.

Central air conditioning systems can be extremely expensive to maintain, as they require a significant starting cost. Portable air conditioners can be the perfect companion for days when you need cooling inside one or two rooms, and not the entire house.

Besides the initial cost of installing and getting a central air conditioning system, imagine how much you would save in energy bills through a portable air conditioner. Central air conditioners require a lot of energy to run flawlessly, which is why it is necessary that you follow energy efficient measures and install a portable air conditioning system inside your home.

Good for On-the-Go Cooling

Portable air conditioners can also be good for on-the-go cooling. Imagine an RV trip on the road. You need a cooling solution for the trip. Voila, your portable air conditioner can come in handy on the go as it requires no installation and can be carried inside the RV!

Similarly, you can enjoy the portable nature of a portable air conditioner when you are shifting homes as well. The shifting process will become relatively easier with a portable air conditioner by your side. All you need to do is carry the portable AC through its handle and transport it to your new place.

Cooling and Dehumidification

Finally, most portable air conditioners cool and dehumidify your room at the same time. The cooling mechanism is excellent and is perfectly complemented by the flawless dehumidification to keep your room clean and dry.

Portable air conditioners basically happen to be two in one units, as they can rid the air inside your room or house from both undue moisture and heat. Some newer models also come with dehumidify only mode, which will continue to remove excess moisture from the space, without the cooling process. This can come in handy during winter seasons, when you don’t require external cooling.

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