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Humidifiers inside home

10 Things a Humidifier Can Do for You (5 Are a Real Surprise)

Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of air inside their houses. While there weren’t many accessories or gadgets to help them out in this quest previously, we now have a useful tech item in the form of humidifiers.

Humidifiers or vaporizers are extremely effective in improving air quality inside your house. Humidifiers and vaporizers moisturize the air in indoor air spaces, making sure that all diseases and symptoms associated with dry air are taken care of. In this article we take a look at some of the things a humidifier can do for you in your home.

1.   Moisturize Lips and Skin

The dry air inside your home can have an unpleasant impact on your skin and lips. When the weather is particularly dry, and the forced air-cooling inside your house is running, humidity levels inside can drop to as low as 20 percent. In such cases, your skin and lips start losing moisture and are chaffed. While the use of chap-sticks and moisturizing lotions can reverse the damage, the use of a humidifier in the first place can stop the skin from growing flaky.

2.   Protects Throat

Your vocal chords can become extremely dry and scratchy if they are exposed to an indoor environment where the air is dry and moisture-less. Once these conditions persist for long enough, you will develop constant irritation in the throat and your voice will become hoarse.

The risks can be even catastrophic and unhealthy for people who have recently been exposed to a flu or virus. Ensuring optimal levels of humidity inside your home, through a humidifier, can help soothe your throat. The humidifier will minimize dryness, while stopping inflammation in the voice box.

3.   Stop Flu Germs

A recent study by the National Academy of Sciences has found that the influenza virus can easily be transmitted within dry condition. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary that you protect yourself from viruses inside the house. The best way to do so is through the use of a humidifier.

By using a humidifier you can kill all viruses present in the air. A humid environment is less favorable for viruses to survive, which is why you can decrease your chances of catching one through a humidifier.

4.   Soothe Sinuses

Dry air is believed to be one of the root causes behind the drying out of sinus passages. Low humidity can be disastrous for your sinus and can lead to discomfort in the nose, along with headaches, sinus pressure and even bloody noses at times.

Humidity is a proven way to clear out your nose and to make sure that the mucous is flowing. Stuffed up nasal packages can lead to difficulty in breathing and headaches.

5.   Kill Symptoms of Major Flu

We know just hard it can be to deal with flu. You are bed-ridden, have a severe headache, a stuffed nasal passage and fever to top it up. Other symptoms that come with flu include breathing difficulties, a dry throat and a stuffy nose.

A humidifier can help keep these symptoms at bay, while making sure that you remain healthy and safe from illnesses.

6.   Limit Snoring

Many individuals do not realize this, but dry air can augment something as trivial as snoring. When you sleep, you are usually breathing out through your nose. The dry air inside your home causes your nose to become congested and to swell overnight.

As soon as this happens, the air flow through your nose is restricted. Hence, you start breathing through your mouth, and snore in the process. A humidifier can kill dryness inside your home, while making sure that snoring is also reduced.

7.   Keep the Cilium Healthy

Your cilium consists of many microscopic cellular strands, located inside your nasal cavity. They form the first line of defense in your immune system, and keep you safe from many illnesses.

When the air you breathe is dry and full of pollutants, your cilium will become clogged and will not be able to do the job that is expected from it. In such situations you can become even more susceptible to contract viruses and influenza. A dehumidifier moisturizes the air, while killing all factors clogging the cilium.

8.   Helps Keep Your Home Warm

Having a humidifier in your house during the winter season can actually regulate the temperature inside. As we can all recall from High School Science, the drier the air, the colder you will feel. A humidifier will add moisture to the air, allowing you to feel warm inside.

This dual role by the humidifier helps you in saving the additional costs you would have had to spend on a heater.

9.   Protect Your Furniture and Floors

All wooden elements inside your house, including your furniture and flooring, will react negatively to severe fluctuations in humidity levels. Too much dryness can cause wooden items to crack and split. Hence, you need proper humidification inside the home so that your wooden furniture and flooring don’t crack.

10.       Humidify Houseplants

While there are multiple health benefits of moisture in the air, humans aren’t the only ones to benefit from them. If you have plants inside your home, then you would want feasible conditions inside the home for them to grow.

Most house plants come from the natural wild, with an abundance of rich moisture in the air. Dry air isn’t conducive for plants, because it can lead to stunted growth, leaf loss and dry leaf tips. A humidifier gives you a better chance to improve the quality of plants in your indoor garden. Allow them to thrive, and you will have a natural environment indoors with proper air quality.

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